Haven Online

Yin Xinya’s death was such a cosmic joke that he got a second chance to do do it again.

In the past his life and death was a tragic mess, but he swears this time everything will change. Watch as Xinya becomes the most coveted person in Haven Online.

“Why are you learning cooking? It’s just a waste of a skill point.”

“Your learning potions?! Are you daft there no point in doing that.”

“Why did you pick that trash class? You will never make it in this game.”

Xinya just ignored everyone, with a knowing smile he just paid them no mind because he knew they would be eating there words soon.

A/N: This novel has been contracted by Webnovel. com please read it there at https://www.webnovel.com/book/14439037906434405/Haven-Online

Xinya’s Profile


Chapter 1: Rebirth

Chapter 2: Recollection

Chapter 3: Phone Call

Chapter 4: Moving in

Chapter 5: Game Start

Chapter 6: Character Creation

Chapter 7: Drifting Cloud

Chapter 8: Beginner Town

Chapter 9: Old Wang’s Farm

Chapter 10: Cooking Skill

Chapter 11 : Birthday Surprise

Chapter 12: New Friend

Chapter 13: General Store

Chapter 14: Silverware

Chapter 15: Gem Spider

Chapter 16: Saying Goodbye or Not

Chapter 17: Fishing Skill

Chapter 18: Giant Bugs again?

Chapter 19: All Skills Gained

Chapter 20: Goodbye Beginner Town


Chapter 21: Bellport

Chapter 22: Melvin

Chapter 23: Bellyborg Pt1

Chapter 24: Bellyborg Pt 2

Chapter 25: King Bellyborg

Chapter 26: Mysterious Woman

Chapter 27:Making BellyBorg Stew

Chapter 28: Melting Snow

Chapter 29: Class Change

Chapter 30: Wei’s News

Chapter 31: Clue

Chapter 32: Following Strange Women

Chapter 33: Shilvak’s Book

Chapter 34: Hidden Office

Chapter 35: Going to the Dungeon

Chapter 36: First Room Cleared

Chapter 37: Carnivorous Plants

Chapter 38: Sliding Puzzles

Chapter 39: The Final Room pt1

Chapter 40: The Final Room pt2

Chapter 41: New Skill

Chapter 42: Making Potions

Chapter 43: Into the Forest

Chapter 44: Hide

Chapter 45: Flare Dog

Chapter 46: Frozen Ice

Chapter 47: Accomplishment


Chapter 48: Roaming Wind

Chapter 49: Wei’s Decision

Chapter 50: Fishing

Chapter 51: Butterfly Effect

Chapter 52: Tier One, I think not

Chapter 53: Contract

Chapter 54: Gold Chain Symbol

Chapter 55: White Lotus

Chapter 56:  Scheming Rose Lilly

Chapter 57: Nascent Soul

Chapter 58: Transfer Letter

Chapter 59: Galling Swamp

Chapter 60: Murkmouth

Chapter 61: Transformed Murkmouth

Chapter 62: Level up!!

Chapter 63: Floret Bun

Chapter 64: Wandering Sound

Chapter 65: What’s Normal

Chapter 66: Thoughts

Chapter 67: Black Bean Shrimp with Gai-lan

Chapter 68: Baldahurh Forest

Chapter 69: Vex Hound

Chapter 70: Bad Flirting

Chapter 71: Quest Triggered

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