Basic Information

Name: Yin Xinya

Game Name: Drifting Cloud

Lvl: 25

Date of birth: Monday, 20th Apr 2195 (Age 18)

Star sign: Aries

Nationality: Chinese

Ethnicity: Asian

Sexuality: Gay

Education: High school

Relationship status: Single

Career path: Gaming

 Physical characteristics

Height: 5’6

Body Shape: Slim but fit

Hair color: black

Eyes: brown

Face shape: diamond

Other words that might be used: adolescent, average, fair, immature, moderate, normal, ordinary, teen, teenage, teenaged, young

 Game Character Description

Features: His game character has dark green hair that is shaped like leaves, bark-like skin that is the same texture of an ancient tree in a forest he also has dark green vine-like tattoos that were wrapped around his neck and other places on his body. His chest is bare except for those vine tattoos and his bottom half is covered by dark green pants made of that has a look of it being made out of some kind of plant, also his feet are completely bare.

Updated armor: Rose Armor/ the style wasn’t different from what he was currently wearing, the only difference was the color and the designs on the clothing. Like his current outfit, it was just a pair of pants and a shirt, the shirt was just the tattoos that would showcase on his chest. The armor was red with black rose prints on it and the shirt tattoos were also black roses in bloom. The armor also had some very nice stats on it, it gave +16 defense, +3 intelligence, +3 Dex and it was also upgradeable to a certain point.


Throw: It’s a skill that enables you to throw potions from far away at your enemies. If you have a combat potion in your hands, you can use the throwing attack. Unlike arrows, you can immediately attack an enemy without aiming first.

Dreaming Dust: Dreaming is usually reserved for when you sleep at night, but this potion will allow you to put anything to sleep anytime you want. In fact, enemies who are hit by the dream dust potion will fall asleep in an instant, making it a useful potion in a fight. Sleeping enemies are more sensitive to damage, but they won’t stay asleep for long. Unfortunately, stronger enemies are more difficult to put to sleep.
  *The potion required stamina potions and the dewy-eyed fruit

Mini Fireball: the damage is not great and it can only attack two monsters at a time. *The potion required health potions and Glow flowers.

Flora Attack: potion causes the petals of the Dancing Girl flowers to burst forth and wrap around an enemy causing them to become immobile, the petals will then suck out the life force from the monster for 25 sec doing 60 to 300 damage depending on the quality of the combat potion. 
* The potion required Stamina potions & Dancing Girls flowers.

Pulse Strike: is a combat potion that when thrown strikes the surrounding area with electricity and blows all of the nearby enemies away. This potion does 85-400 damage depending on the quality of the potion and it also stuns the monster for 10 seconds.
* The potion required Stamina potions & Blue Belladonna. / Can’t make only got the seeds./ 3 packs.

Resurrection Potion: This potion when broken against a player, will envelop a player in smokey white substance before entering that player’s body. For one day, the defense of the player would be greatly raised, while if the player should die, they will be resurrected right away, without the loss of any coins or items and won’t have to log out right away. *The hour penalty will still be there, the player must log out after 35 minutes.
* The potion required Health potions and the death flower / Can’t make only got death flower seeds – also the only way to grow these flowers was to cover the seeds in rotting flesh.

Catering: The true joy of cooking is sharing your dishes with others. Catering allows you to prepare food in larger quantities so that you and your guests can dine together. The more people you have, the better your banquets will be. It creates a Catering Dish out of several other food items. You must have at least two edible food items to merge into one Catering Dish. The Catering Dish produced provides the combined total of the stat bonuses of all the items it is made up with.

Tasting: Cooking is a science where ratios and formulas combine to make something of exquisite beauty. When prepared with a steady hand and a patience mind, food can move hearts and give strength. Tasting: will improve these effects. This skill passively increases cooked Items and Catering stat gain effects while increasing Cooking’s base quality rate, stability during Cooking, and EXP provided from Cooking food.

Dryad racial skill:  being one with nature being able to blend in with trees, rocks, and other things of nature to be unseen.

Reaction Fusion: Cooking and Potion Making are quite similar indeed, it’s only fitting for them to be used together. This is a skill that will allow you to fuse together any type of cooking or potions, but be careful, for the outcome of the fusion can create devastating results.

First Aid: ch 117


Regular Potion recipes: 

Mana/Health/Stamina – These can be upgraded to different tiers :

Reaction Fusion Potions Recipes:

Welch’s Fruity Bomb: This strange creation is a mix of a Mini fireball potion and Welch’s Fruity Bait. It has a taste that nobody would be able to describe because once it’s eaten you won’t be alive. This strange creation does 300-400 damage depending on the quality of the potion and the food it was made from. 

Food Recipes:

BellyBorg Stew: +75 MP +75 STA

Cookies & Cream Crepe Cake!: Cookies & Cream Crepe Cake: Each layer of the thinly baked crepes has been smeared with cream and cookies, stacked into a tower to make a cake. The sweetness of the cookies blends seamlessly with the airiness of the whipped cream. After eating it you will gain, depending on the star rating +23-30 MP, +11-14 HP, + 5-9 STA.

Ch: 48 Karry Karry: It was an ice dessert with sweet toppings that included chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. It was from the Bingsoo region where there are a lot of ice caves located. The recipe was highly sought after in the future but was very hard to get because it only dropped from a monster called the Bigoloo, but that monster was extremely hard to find. HP +29~30 Str +37~38 Int -14~15 Dex -14~15 Luck +24~25.

Welch’s Fruity Bait: This bait is said to be a must-have item for wanna-be fishermen that wish to reel in a fish or item that could only be caught at a higher level. This bait is also famous for bringing in items as opposed to fish, and when this is used for fishing, the catch rate of fish and of items will double.

Broiled Ctenophore tentacles: A strange recipe of unknown creation, seems to have a special magic effect. Once eaten a player will have the ability to talk to every creature underneath the sea. *the special effect lasts 5 in-game days./ This effect will be able to be stacked with other food bonuses.

Puff Pastry Fruit Pizza: it looks like a fancy dessert that would be perfect for an elegant party, but it’s super easy to make! *For four hours, it will give: Mana +50 HP+50 Str+ 21 Sta+50.

Fruit Salad: +24 Hp +30 MP
Apple Juice: +10 Hp +35 Str +9 Dex

*Assume he has other recipes but they haven’t been named.


Food Ingredients: Brought a lot from the butcher’s grocery store, we will assume he has everything to make anything he wants.

[Quest Items]

Wyatt’s Sword: The true owner and name of this sword are unknown. It is a relic of the great war that happened a long time ago. This sword has passed through many hands and each person who owned it died tragically. It’s been said that this sword is cursed and only in the hands of its true owner will it’s the true potential show. To learn more, find Bajji the master blacksmith. 

Map piece to the hidden land of Moo Moo Pow: According to folklore, Moo Moo Pow is an underwater kingdom that is ruled by the great Lord Krishna. This is a place that is believed to be an old wives’ tale, a myth, that is until the clue was discovered.

Tier 3 Treasure Map: because none of the party members died inside of this dungeon, you will be able to skip a chain without losing the reward. When you complete the tier 3 treasure dungeon, you and your party will be able to get double the rewards. *Don’t attempt this dungeon until you’re at least level 65.

Misc Items: 
Cupcake covered wagon: a two in one transportation device. It was obvious what the main function was but its second function made Xinya really want to get it. The wagon could transform into a food stall with a working kitchen. 

Fianna Sìdhe Egg: 

Shilvak’s Combat Gloves: Shilvak was the first combat potion master to walk these lands, he was feared and worshiped by the people around him. For his skill with potions was too great, one day he disappeared only leaving behind a manuscript detailing his adventures. Throw enhancement +10 Dex +5

Mutated Ctenophores eggs: These eggs are the babies of the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore, but it’s death they have been mutated. They will now only grow to the size of a plum and can be used for breeding. They can be used for food, or harvested for the toxin that they secret from their pores. *An artificial lake needed to grow them.

Rhiannon’s bracelet: This bracelet grants up to five people at a time access to a very special shop. The bracelet will only work once, so when you decide to use it, make sure you have enough coins to spend. To activate it, you need to stand in the center of a fairy ring on a full moon.

Automat: is a kind of vending machine, players can put their sellable items into it and leave it somewhere in town. 

Lapis Cut Bracelet: This magical spatial inventory offers a total of 100 slots for storing items. Special effect: It will keep food and ingredients fresh. It cannot be traded.

Lapis Cut Earring: This magical spatial inventory offers a total of 100 slots for storing items. Special effect: gives +3 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +3 Intelligence, +4 Luck (only if you have the stats), +6 Max Damage, +5 Critical, and +3 Defense buff as long as you’re wearing it.

Glimmering beetles: These types of bugs were great for farms, they had the ability to allow a player to get double the harvest. After the update, once it gets out what these bugs could do they would be worth around 50 silver for a 100.

Bracelet of Requisite: This bracelet is connected to the four elements: water, wind, fire, and earth. Once the bracelet is equipt it will determine which element is most needed by the wearer. With the water element, the player will be connected to all water sources that are in Haven, just say the name of the water source to use. 


The Fae realm needs your help: The Unseelie has become blinded and has disrupted nature’s balance. With them not stopping the anomalies from forming, impurities have begun building up destroying the magical essence of this realm. The magical essence comes from the Madér trees, but they are all now slowly dying. If all of the Madér trees die the Fae realm will collapse upon itself. Rhiannon wants you to completely awaken this Madér bud, and only bring it back once the tree blooms fully. *It is advised to have Level 20 farming skill before attempting to plant this bud in the ground.

Reward: ??? exp / ??? coins / ??? *Racial Skill

Cermin Pantulan (Mirror of Reflection)

Shilvak Dungeon Quest Lvl 50

                                   Titles that matter:

Saviors of Baldahurh Forest: Only the most gallant of heroes deserve such a title as this one. For having rescued Baldahurh forest from its undead state and brought it back to living, the inhabitants of the forest salute you. *This title grants you a 2x exp and coin bonus when fighting dark type monsters and +15 on all stats.

The Fisherman’s Recognition: Fisherman’s Recognition: 5% fishing bonus/ 2% more of a chance of catching an item. * While this title is activated the player will gain money profits when selling fish to NCPs.

Elements: Chapter 75

Newest stats: 

Name: Drifting Cloud      Title: Fisherman’s Recognition

HP: 320/320  Level: 23

MP: 280/280  EXP:500600/1300000

Stamina: 280/280 Skill points: 25

Str: 4  Dex: 15

Int:Luck: 11

Coins: Coins: 0 gold 867 silver 700 bronze

Stat Points 0

Each level they gain 4 stat points.

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