Saying Goodbye or Not

“So… the giant knife and fork?” Melting Snow asked as they were getting closer to town.

Rolling his eyes, Xinya said, “You’re still on that?

“Well, I’m curious, you know, it’s not every day you see a person fighting with giant cutlery, I didn’t even know you could use them as weapons,” replied Melting Snow.

“As you can see, you can indeed use them for combat,” Xinya said twirling his weapons a bit. “I got them while getting the cooking skills.”

“You do know that’s a useless skill right? It’s a complete waste of skill points.” Melting Snow said as if he were lecturing a noob that never played games before.

Shrugging, Xinya just smiled, saying, “Everyone plays their way, there’s nothing wrong if I want to play around with cooking.”

“I guess you’re right, besides you have me, I’ll help you fight and you can feed me all sorts of yummy food. I heard that when someone becomes a Master or Grandmaster chef their cooking in this game will blow a person’s mind and you will never care for real-life food as you once did.” Melting Snow carried on excitedly.

Laughing softly, Xinya said, “It’s a deal, I will cook you the most delicious food, making you doubt it’s real”

Xinya truly felt that Melting Snow was a very cute kid, and wondered if this was what it felt like to have a little brother. He began thinking about his soon to be little brother, knowing that he would never have that kind of familial connection with him. This made him feel dejected. For a moment, a frown started appearing on his face, but the feeling was erased as quickly as it came when he saw Melting Snow holding out his pinky towards him to make a promise.

A smile graced his face as he hooked his pinky with Melting Snow. He started to feel something that he only felt with Wei, trust. He just hoped that Melting Snow wouldn’t let him down. After walking for a while longer they made it back to town and went to the general store. The owner came over to greet them as soon as he saw them, a wide and happy smile plastered on his face.

“I see that you two whippersnappers are back. Did you get all the Lapis I asked for?” The old man asked.

“Yes, here you go, all 20 of the Lapis,” Xinya replied while handing him the glowing stones.

“Thank you so much, here is your reward,” he said handing Xinya and Melting Snow a package. After that, he scurried away saying he had work to do and if they needed something, all they needed to do was ask his assistant.

Suddenly, notifications popped up around Xinya as he opened the package.

Quest has been completed. You have gained 20 bronze coins and 1000 exp.

You have gained an Item: Lapis Cut Bracelet

Lapis Cut Bracelet: This magical spatial inventory offers a total of 100 slots for storing items. Special effect: It will keep food and ingredients fresh. It cannot be traded.

You have gained an Item: Lapis Cut Earring

Lapis Cut Earring: This magical spatial inventory offers a total of 100 slots for storing items. Special effect: gives +3 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +3 Intelligence, +4 Luck (only if you have the stats), +6 Max Damage, +5 Critical, and +3 Defense buff as long as you’re wearing it.

After putting on the items, Xinya opened up his character tab to look at his new stats and was happily surprised by what he saw.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Non-Available

HP: 100/100 Level: 4

MP: 110/110 EXP: 250/2000

Stamina: 80/80 Skill points: 4

Str: 4 (+3) Dex: 6(+3)

Int: 5 (+3) Luck: 5 (+4)

Coins: 10 gold 0 silver 600 bronze Stat Points 4

Seeing that he had some stat points that he forgot to use, he decided to assign them, already knowing what his future class is going to be. He put two into HP, one into stamina and the last into Intelligence. His new stats looked much better.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Non-Available

HP: 120/120 Level: 4

MP: 110/110 EXP: 250/2000

Stamina: 90/90 Skill points: 4

Str: 4 (+3) Dex: 6(+3)

Int: 6 (+3) Luck: 5 (+4)

Coins: 10 gold 0 silver 600 bronze Stat Points 0

Xinya didn’t worry about his skill points for the moment since he needed to level up his skills by actively using them before they could go to the next level. He had no time for that since he had to get all the skills he needed before he would allow himself to leave the beginner town.

He looked over to Melting Snow, who was just opening up his package. Suddenly, there was a shower of confetti around him, signifying that he was now level 10. Giving a whoop, Melting Snow put on the items and it seemed like he was selecting something, which Xinya knew to be the region where they had promised to start their journey.

Once he was finished, Melting Snow said, “I have ten minutes before I’m transported away. I’m going to buy some items before I leave, I’ll say bye now, in case I don’t see you before I leave.” With that, Melting Snow rushed around the store, check if anything caught his fancy.

Shaking his head, Xinya went over to the assistant and told him which cooking items he wanted. He got a cooking knife, cooking table, ladle, mini stove, rolling pin and the Automat that he wanted, all for the low price of 5 silver and 156 bronze. He now had 9 gold, 995 silver and 444 bronze, which was still quite a lot. 

This store didn’t have all the cooking items he needed but it will be a while before he could use the more advanced equipment anyways, so he could wait to get it. After buying everything, he put the items inside of his spatial bracelet and left the shop, not saying a word to Melting Snow, who he could see running back and forth around the store. He never liked saying goodbye, he’d see Melting Snow again once he leaves this place anyway.

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