Gem Spider

“So, do you mind telling me why your weapons are a knife and fork?” Melting snow asked, looking very curious.

“You’re asking me that now? We are about to go into battle.” Xinya replied, huffing.

“Right…” Melting Snow said, regaining his focus. “Tell me afterward.”

They started to walk deeper into the cave very cautiously, so far they have seen neither the Lapis nor the spider. The farther they went inside with the absence of anything, the more creeped out they felt. The only good thing good about this situation was, that the cave wasn’t dark, as one would have expected, it was illuminated by mushroom type plants that were growing all around. Xinya made a note to himself to gather some on his way back.

After walking a few feet farther, they both started hearing strange noises coming from up ahead. Walking towards the sound, what they saw made Xinya relieved while making Melting Snow disappointed. Surrounded by Lapis gems, there was a blue and white gem-covered spider, the size of a cow, walking across the biggest spider web that they had ever seen.

“Hey, I thought you said it was going to be a giant spider?” Whispered Melted Snow.

Looking at him in disbelief, Xinya said, “Is your definition of giant different from mine or something? What do you consider a giant?”

“I don’t know maybe the size of a bus or something.”

“Let’s just kill this ‘small-sized’ one first,” Xinya said while shaking his head. “Since you have more HP than me you will gain its aggro, don’t tank it, just run around and hit it when you can. I will hit the spider from the back while you’re doing that.”

After fine-tuning the plan a bit, they were ready for action. Melting Snow picked up the nearest rock, turning the spiders aggro towards him. The spider quickly scuttled towards him, all the while Melting Snow used his beast-like speed to dodge the spider’s poisonous fangs. Xinya could tell that he was a very good player, he stayed out of the spider’s reach at all times, only getting close enough to launch an attack on it. There were a few times where he was just an inch away from the fangs but he would always dodge just at the right time. He knew that wasn’t luck but pure skill, he gave Melting Snow a thumbs up in his mind.

Meanwhile, Xinya had already sneaked up behind the spider and started using his giant fork and knife against it, doing significant damage to it. He wasn’t an expert in combat but did his best to slice away at the spider, like it was a roast chicken. Between his and Melting Snow attacks, the Spiders HP was dwindling exponentially.

When the spider HP was down to 10%, it went into berserk mode. Its eyes turned red, it’s aura started to pulsate around it and it started making a strange screeching sound. Xinya saw that the sound had already put Melting Snow off guard. The spider attacks had become faster and stronger. It caught up with Melting Snow’s fast movements and was landing attack after attack on him. Melting Snow’s HP was going down fast, Xinya knew that if he didn’t do something soon, he would die and lose a level in the process. Thinking fast, Xinya screamed at Melting Snow, telling him to fall back and, in turn, took the spider’s aggro onto himself.

After Melting Snow was far enough away, the spider turned his attention onto him, Xinya saw Melting Snow pull out an HP potion and chug it down to restore his health, once it was full again, he started running to rejoin the fight. The spider came for Xinya, looking completely enraged. Gathering his courage, he waited until it was close enough before quickly jumping on top of it, jamming his fork in its eyes and, in the process, completely draining the last of the spider’s HP.

Once it died it burst into a million little particles and only items was left behind. The two boys looked at each other, their eyes gleaming with happiness. Melting Snow started jumping up and down in excitement.

You Have Leveled Up!

“I can’t believe we did it. I wish I had thought of recording it, so I could show it to my brother. I was so badass.” Melting Snow excitedly exclaimed.

“Says the boy who almost died at the end.” Xinya jokingly replied.

Sticking out his tongue, Melted snow said. “Whatever. So, what did the giant bug drop anyway?”

They both scanned the items to see that there was a sword with poisonous effect, a piece of armor and some miscellaneous items, such as coins, spider meat, and potions.

“I call dibs on the sword!” Melting Snow exclaimed. “To be fair you can have the amour.”

Xinya just nodded his head since that’s what he wanted in the first place. “Okay, sure. We can just split the other stuff.”

They split the coins, each of them getting over 500 bronze coins; Melting Snow took the potions while Xinya took the spider meat.

After that, Xinya started to collect all the Lapis gems that were needed without incident. Once that was completed, they started walking back out the cave, Xinya gathered the glowing mushrooms on the way out, simultaneously, the two boys talked to each other reflecting on the battle. “I think after I turn in this quest, I will reach level ten.” Melting Snow said sadly. “It was fun hanging out with you, can you tell me which region you are going to pick?”

“You’re not going to the region your brother is located in?” Xinya asked.

Shrugging, Melted Snow said, “I think I would have a lot more fun hanging out with you.”

“Well, I guess either the region of Utak or Ziam, since they were close to the ocean,” Xinya replied.

“Really? Ziam is where my brother went to. Please, go there.”

Remembering certain details about Ziam, Xinya agreed with Melting Snow, saying that he would go there when he reached level ten. The two of them continued talking about random things back to town.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Non-Available

HP: 100/100 Level: 4

MP: 110/110 EXP: 250/2000

Stamina: 80/80 Skill points: 4

Str: 1 Dex: 3

Int: 2 Luck: 1

Coins: 10 gold 0 silver 600 bronze Stat Points 4

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