Chapter 15: Food Evaluation Pt1

If Xiaobai could see the comments on the screen for the program, then it will definitely be greatly in favor of them. He is a dark farmer, and this monster is actually raising ducks in a small patch of yard behind the cafeteria.

Cui Qichao went to the agricultural market to select dozens of small ducklings each of which was still young and yellow. They’re both meat and eggs, the ducks starts to produce early, and had a high egg count, and was not fussy about the environment.

These are ducks that are vaccinated and fed, but for the time being, it can only be raised in captivity and brought up before it can enter the water.

As for where the water is coming from? Of course it’s the school’s landscape.

Cui Qichao took Xiaobai to see the ducklings and said to him: “There are no sheep, but there are ducks for you, and the shepherd cat have to manage the chickens, ducks and animals in the house in an orderly way.” Don’t mention the Shepherd Cats. The Shepherd Dogs of this era are not confined to the Shepherd.


Why, why do you want to farm it!

There is only one thought in Xiaobai mind: Is it better to go to school to learn the fire ring?


The canteen’s yard is a concrete field, and there is little grass to feed the ducklings, and during the confinement period, It’s mainly about feeding.

Cui Qichao and the employees did it themselves, pulled the nylon net, and built a circle. Next to the pens, the soil is sandy, and there are some late-ripening varieties of watermelons. When it is mature, it will be summer vacation.

People heard that Cui Qichao was raising ducks, and the teachers at the school rushed to find them, and wanted to reserve their eggs for the future, as well as the whole duck at the end of the year for New Year’s goods.

Without realizing it, people already had a lot of faith in Cui Qichao.

Although Little Cui did not know what was being stimulated, he was meticulous in handling the matter, and the most important thing was to grow vegetables so that they were really delicious.

Keke, Cough, where could Cui Qichao’s ducks go anyway? It’s also visible to the naked eye that you won’t eat anything messy.


In the last week, Cui Qichao checked the proposal in the opinion box. Many are asking the same question: Is the new corn in the cafeteria sweet or sticky?

Cui Qichao paid no attention to this, recalling that he told the canteen staff to answer the students.

They are all sweet corn.

This has caused some students who prefer to eat glutinous corn to wail. They prefer the soft, sticky texture of glutinous corn to sweet corn.

Cui Qichao is not very concerned about the taste dispute between students. The main focus of his recent work is on crop improvement.

After Cui Qichao had this idea, He then looked at the accounts and found that testing equipment, field equipment and so on were affordable, so he decided to go to the back mountain and experiment first.

When he came here, the first plant he grew was pepper, and now he wanted to improve it, and he preferred pepper.

First, the good pepper varieties are selected from the market as the parent materials for the new varieties, and then the combination was prepared, that is, which kind of pepper was used as the male parent and which pepper was used as the female parent to carry out the hybridization.

It usually takes at least three or four years for a new breed to be born, starting with the selection of parental materials, to be able to produce and demonstrate.

In four years, a student graduated, and Cui Qichao should have finished recording the program and returned. Not to mention that the process of production demonstration also takes several years.

However, Cui Qichao is not an ordinary person, the Shennong bloodline gave him an innate sense of smell in this area, and there was not a lot of fertile land. For example, he doesn’t make many combinations, but chooses some combinations he thinks are feasible, which can save him a lot of test time.

This is the first time Cui Qichao has tried to improve the variety, and he is also very much looking forward to what the final result will be.

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