Chapter 14: Conquering the family area pt1

Xiaobai was lying in his cat’s nest. When he heard Cui Qichao, his whole body became stiff. Although it had it’s back to Cui Qichao, he could see the ears standing completely upright, and even the hairs on the tips of his ears were full of tension.

Cui Qichao saw that Xiaobai was already scared, and said slowly: “Let’s think about it.

We need to ask about the doctor’s skills.”

Xiao Bai’s ears slowly fell, as if he had been sentenced to death.

Cui Qichao sat on the sofa for a while, XiaoBai couldn’t hold back, and after a few steps he jumped in front of Cui Qichao, his eyes widened and his pupils were full like the moon, which generally occupied most of the space. He stared at Cui Qichao and then began to rub his head against his hand. 

XioaBai Eyes

In normal times, Xiao Bai, after receiving training, would certainly not take such initiative, of asking Cui Qichao to touch him.

Cui Qichao dragged on for a while, seeing Xiao Bai feel a little anxious, he reaches out his hand and touches it on his head, “Oh, how come it’s more coquettish than a male cat after sterilization.”

Xiao Bai:”……”

Cui Qichao pulled the little white cheeks apart and rubbed them together. Not only did XiaoBai not resist, but after a stiff moment, he turned onto his stomach.

Cui Qichao poked a little white belly: “Hehe.”

Xiao Bai: Inexplicably feels a little cold.


Thanks to the fruits of the vegetables planted by Cui Qichao, he has won the favor of the vast number of old teachers.They are healthy people, and chili oil may not be very popular, but vegetables are different, especially fresh and delicious vegetables.

This is even more reassuring than the selected vegetables sold on the market, because they grow under their noses, Cui Qichao’s heart is also visible to everyone.

Even Vice Principal Cui never imagined that Cui Qichao and these old teachers who now often come to the canteen did not know when a good friendship was established until Cui Qichao knocked on the door of his office.

In view of the purpose of the two previous visits by Cui Qichao, as soon as he saw him, President Cui voluntarily said: I’ve already helped to see if you can go to the rooftop. It’s not a big area, but you can put some potted plants…I think, if the number is small, there’s no need, is there?”

“Uncle, *the mosquito legs are also meat.” Cui Qichao said, “But I am not here for this, there is something else.”

T/N: Although the benefits and benefits are small, it is better than nothing.

“…” President Cui, “Oh, what?”

He thought in his mind, “Where else can we plant at our C University?”

Do you want to keep working on other green belts?

Green Belts

T/N: Green belt refers to the strip zone for greening. It can eliminate the effects of visual fatigue, purify the environment, beautify the city, reduce traffic accidents, and occupy an irreplaceable important position in the city. 

Cui Qichao said: “The open space in the family area, I think it is quite suitable for growing vegetables.”

President Cui: “…”

President Cui: “This is a real dilemma for Qi Chao,” he said. “Many old professors are living in the family quarters. Your uncle, even if he is in a high position, doing that is not very respectful.”

“It’s okay,” said Cui Qichao. “I’ve already consulted them, such as Professor Zhou Zhengwen, Professor Lin Ying and Professor Bai Yun…”

Cui Qichao has a series of names, all of which are famous in C and even the entire academic community.

President Cui: “…”

Cui Qichao: “But when the harvest comes out, it will be given priority to teaching staff and their families.” For Cui Qichao, as long as there is no waste of food, it will be the same for everyone.

As Vice Principal Cui heard this, he realized that the *Da Nai was probably very fond of his nephew’s green vegetables, He says with a blush:: “Then ask for advice from every household, and if you don’t have a problem, plant it.”

T/N: that is self-righteous, and put people out of their own style.

“Thank you, uncle.” With the permission of President Cui, Cui Qichao conducted a public opinion poll. This was not difficult, and it basically was a unanimous vote.

Some old lady even said: “A few years ago I wanted to plant vegetables in the flower beds, but it was because I got re-employed, so I had to go to class!”

Cui Qichao has already made plans to use the land in his family’s area. The land next to the former canteen can also be used to increase crops, and he will further use the three-dimensional cultivation.

In fact, planting vegetables in Tiantai, as President Cui said, is also a kind of three-dimensional cultivation.

The three-dimensional agriculture is also called layered agriculture, which is to use the space difference, the level difference, the time difference of various crops, and so on, to carry out the complementary production.

It can also be subdivided, for example, Cui Qichao has to put some scaffolding around the canteen, which makes greater use of the area’s sunshine, air and other resources, which belongs to the use of modern engineering technology.

The vegetables planted in the back mountain are planted according to the vertical height, and the crops are planted according to the altitude and the characteristics of the mountain slopes.

There is also a piece of work that he wants to implement in his family area, and it is also a long-standing intercropping in China. Using the space between plants well, a variety of crops in the same area, which requires strict selection of the matching crops.

He plans to grow corn with Ban Lan Gen, which is not vegetables, but Cui Qichao tried 100 herbs, growing Ban Lan Gen is nothing, don’t just say Ban Lan Gen, he’s also going to plant ginseng.

In this way, in a limited space, he can satisfy his own planting desire to the greatest extent. He’ll take the medicine and send it to everyone as a benefit.

In order to increase the planting area, Cui Qichao continued to recruit people from the company. He suspected that there were more people in the canteen who was responsible for planting the land than those who cook.

Corn, because it is set-seeding, has selected mid-maturing varieties, that is, varieties with a growth period of about three months to three and a half months.

When choosing seeds, the merchants also frantically recommended high-quality varieties to Cui Qichao: “Boss, buy Longgao I2, ah, the highest output of more than 30,000 jin per hectare, farmers are shocked, okay? There are also Liangyu 99 and Liyu 16, there are many more varieties of this kind!”

Cui Zichao was deeply involved in his selection. “Thank you, I can see it myself.”

In fact, if this person had been to C University, he would have discovered that Cui Qichao managed the crops he had grown, the output was higher than the average, or he didn’t deliberately cultivate it.

Now because of the high demand of school students, Cui Qichao began to consider this point. Do you need to improve crops to increase production?


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