Chapter 12: White exposure

“The medicine is already dripping. This cat is really good, if you don’t allow it to move, it doesn’t move. No matter how I blow, It’s not afraid of the hair dryer at all, this desensitization training is really good.” After the beautician lifted Bai, she kept praising him.

Cui Qichao watched the cosmetologist pass Xiao Bai over and stared at him coolly.

According to theory, at this time, Cui Qichao should praise Xiao Bai, although Xiaobai is always very disdainful. At this time, he can’t hear any praise, he is not used to it. A “Meow” sounded and his tail waves a bit erratic.

Cui Qichao reached out and hugged Xiaobai with one hand. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Let’s add a WeChat message. You’ll be notified about any future events.”The beautician took out his phone.

Cui Qichao social software on his phone was largely untouched, but the account was registered, and once he added the cosmetologist he carried the cat away from the pet hospital.

On the way, Cui Qichao didn’t say anything. He was thinking about something. He was shocked to learn that he had just whitewashed the past in front of the doctor.

It turns out that Xiaobai is not a shepherd cat, or in other words, there is no sheep cat in this era!

It was Cui Qichao who made a mistake. In the era of Cui Qichao’s life, the 21st and 22nd centuries all belong to the old Chinese Calendar, and the history of mankind before leaving the solar system.

Cui Qichao is not proficient in history, but only has a general understanding, and belongs to the normal level of most people with higher education.

In his mind, the shepherd cat was invented in the 21st century to the 22nd century, and he didn’t realize that the generation he arrived hasn’t yet seen the shepherd cat.

It’s like in Cui Qichao’s impression, he knew that the printing of movable characters was invented in the Song dynasty, but he could not know in detail the time period it was invented in the Song Dynasty. The history of mankind is too long, and history lessons have too much content.

Only then did Cui Qichao know that there was no common knowledge  in the materials given be LJJ.Common sense of 20XX: A normal cat, can not 100%, learn to shake hands, roll, stand and so on in such little time, let alone let a leash guide them for walks.

Cui Qichao’s long-standing method of raising cats, is over! all! wrong! error!

But, even more incredible is that all Xiaobai training is done.

Now, just thinking about it, Cui Qichao had mistakenly complained about Xiao Bai in his first impression, and Xiao Bai’s learning ability began advancing by leaps and bounds.

– It’s almost like a man who also knows history inappropriately, being bullied by Cui Qichao it rigidly imitates a shepherd cat.

At first, Cui Qichao thought: BUG.

The virtual interface is also simulated by data, artificial, not natural, it also has the possibility of getting a BUG, although compressed to the smallest, but still possible.

But this BUG is too smart, and it is not like a trial that escaped.

Cui Qichao thought of the plug-in again, although LJJ said, he also believes that LJJ would not give him a plug-in for the sake of visibility.

Xiaobai’s identity is still open to question. Anyway, if it is a BUG, ​​LJJ will fix it. If it is a plug-in, LJJ will not let the audience discover it.

Right now. Cui Qichao glanced at the soft animal in his arms with a blank expression and thought, “Then go ahead and continue to be a shepherd cat, and see if you can bear it.”

With such thoughts, Cui Qichao put down Xiaobai, face down.

“Xiaobai, hold in mouth.” Cui Qichao gave the convenience bag to Xiaobai, which contained a cat toy bought in the pet hospital.

This was the first time that Xiao Bai has been used to relieve his master’s burden since he has learned the command. It humbly grabbed the bag, and claws were deliberately and unintentionally clutching in the bag.

Cui Qichao looked coldly at it and said, “You are not like a shepherd cat. If you are so big, you won’t close your claws.”

Xiaobai is in a deadlock., the claws were quietly pulled back, and the claws were ground to grind, as if nothing had happened, before the claws were properly collected, and then the claw pads are used to snap on the convenience bag.

“Well, it was just that the nail was not repaired, did it not feel well?” Cui Qichao pinched the white claw pad and got up as if nothing happened. ” Let’s Go.”

With his convenience bag in his mouth, Xiao Bai followed Cui Qichao as he walked.


After Cui Qi-chao returned home, he began to accelerate the course. Anyway, he doesn’t know if it’s a BUG or a plug-in, but he doesn’t seem to be raising a shepherd cat.

Every day, he appears the same as usual, while teaching Xiaobai some commands that would take an adult shepherd cat a long time to learn to grasp it. Such as opening refrigerators, grabbing drinks from inside, protecting owners, jumping barriers, refusing food, and more.

In addition, Cui Qichao gave up putting Xiaobai in the canteen at night and took him to and from work. Because he decided to train Xiao Bai to catch mice, and clean up the storeroom at regular intervals, so he didn’t need to sleep there all night. Anyway, Xiao Bai definitely learned how to catch mice.

For Xiao Bai, it’s a big surprise to go to the canteen.

Xiaobai met his brother in the cafeteria, another little male cat born to the school supermarket mother cat. The little male cat came along with its owner, the female aunt.

The Aunt heard that Chief Cui’s cat was in the canteen, and it could even shake hands so she came over to learn from him, but unfortunately Cui Qichao was not there, and the cat doesn’t listen to anyone and doesn’t let anyone touch him.

Xiaobai saw with his eyes, Aunt Su holding his brother, and the pure white cat began to meow, and rubbed a lot on the aunt. The aunt held it in her arms as he called it, and during the whole process she wouldn’t let the white cat do anything!

The white cat, who stayed in it’s master’s arms the whole time, looks spoiled with meat and doesn’t look like it slept in a shoe box, because the aunt tells someone that she will kiss it at night, which means it definitely sleeps in the bed with her master.

Yes, the shepherd cat can also be used as a pet.

Xiaobai looked at this scene and remembered it in his heart, going upstairs, he sneaked into the office of Cui Qichao, and then jumping onto the legs of Cui Qichao.

“Meow -” In order not to help the owner with his slippers in the future, XiaoBai, with shame, rolls around in Cui Qichao’s arms, he remembers Cui Qichao going to wash his face after kissing his mouth.

The soft cat rolls over the legs, revealing a soft belly and a pink claw pad, and the sound is clear and gentle.

Cui Qichao touched on Xiaobai’s chin, as he says: “Xiaobai, good boy.”

Although the words are much shorter than the aunts, it is already very difficult for Cui Qichao, who usually only praises the training.

Cui Qichao touched Xiaobai’s chin and slowly said: “Such a good cat, next week will teach you how to jump through a ring of fire.” 



Looking back at the names of the five cantees, they actually became famous at least ten years ago.

Even ten years later, when several alumni of C University returned to their alma mater to visit, they mentioned the cafeteria at C University. Today, some of them are engaged in business, some are in politics, and some have gone abroad to develop.

The C University Alumni Association took care of them, and today C University has a lot more new teaching buildings than it did a decade ago, and has renovated many places.

It was led by Huang Wei-he, president of the C University Student Association, who ran his own media after graduation, and now founded his own company.

After a tour of familiar and unfamiliar campuses and a visit to a teacher who is still at school, Huang Wei-he made a suggestion: “We will have dinner with the teachers tonight, for lunch, why don’t we go to the cafeteria?”

A few other classmates almost sprayed, “Are you kidding?”

“Going to the cafeteria, aren’t you afraid you won’t make it through the night?”

“Really, the canteen is still my midnight nightmare.”

“Isn’t the bigger nightmare that we have to pay now to eat at the cafeteria?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Everyone laughs, and listens to him. In those days, everyone had little money and had to eat the canteen, and even though there was little oil and water, and the taste was very bad, they encouraged each other.

In fact, the C Dining Hall has a little connection with Huang Wei-he, who has earned a reputation in the restaurant world of Chinese universities. At that time, people were curious about the school canteen., Huang Wei-he personally wrote an article for his alma mater’s dining hall platform, with his professional advantage, the article became widely spread, which contributed a great deal to the status of the C University canteen.

However, when they were laughing and discussing, Xiao He, who was next to the Alumni Association Secretariat, looked odd.

These people, who are over 30 now, are not people who are addicted to the Internet, and the only people who have frequent contact with Huang Wei-he are still very busy, and they don’t even know that the cafeteria at their alma mater is no longer what it was!

“Well, actually, since our Vice Chancellor Cui’s nephew took over the canteen, it’s been a big improvement, and now the students like it.”Xiao He explained.

This statement has attracted more people’s interest.  It is really like *red rain in the sky, the food at C canteen can be changed, and the nephew of President Cui actually went to work in the cafeteria, which is more unusual than the red rain. The background of President Cui is clear to everyone, can his nephew run to the canteen?

T/N: Red rain is the sky means something unbelievable.

With doubts, the group actually went to the cafeteria, which was supposed to be close to #4 canteen.

Xiao He stopped them and said: “#1 canteen has fresh vegetables grown on its own today. Let’s go to #1 canteen.”

They all went to the cafeteria, where they actually used to go was closer, and #1 canteen was just a little more walking. Since Xiaohe was so strongly recommending it, of course they would not lose face.

But when they came to #1 canteen, it wasn’t as it  before, it was only now that they discovered that the food in the canteen was so unmentioned that the school’s famous dating mecca was full of vegetables, including the chili peppers planted in the flower beds on the lower side of the street.

This scene was a bit unusual. Huang Weihe who comes from professionalism background subconsciously takes out his phone and takes a photo.

When they entered the canteen, they were even more frightened, there was a mountain of people, a vast numbers of students, long queues at windows, and students who had prepared food on the benches buried their heads and ate, and the smell of the food spread to their noses, making everyone hungry.

This smell alone told them that Xiaohe did not deceive people, this is not the same as their impression of #1 canteen!

Xiao He  took them to the teacher’s window and punched out his own card.

#1 canteen’s own cabbage has been harvested, and today’s tofu stir-fried cabbage is available, so everyone here has a choice of dishes, but under Xiaohe’s strong recommendation, all the dishes are cabbage.

Sitting in his seat, Huang Weihe  couldn’t remember the exact same plate he had ordered a decade ago. Instead, he looked at the fried cabbage.

In recent years, he has been a media reporter and has gone to many places, eaten at a lot of  tables, and his tongue can be said to taste a lot of delicious food, but he has been bored with it. He became numb to the food served by corporations, otherwise he would not come up with an idea to eat the canteen. Besides remembering that, he would eat much better, and he would like to remember that sweetness

But this simple dish of fried white cabbage, fried with tofu, quickly aroused his appetite. The green, bright green, crisp and refreshing leaves are fried, and the fragrance penetrates the nose with the steaming heat and has the pungent flavor never encountered elsewhere.

The male student next to him also happened to have a large mouthful of cabbage.

Perhaps it’s just been moving and eating quite profusely, and with the crunchy sound of the hollow leaves in his mouth, the smell of the nose and the color in front of him, it’s a vivid reminder of how crisp and refreshing it should be, how the garlic cloves between the teeth, the puffy milk and the tender leaves explode in the mouth, how the soup flows between the teeth…

In this instant, Huang Weihe swallowed a mouthful of saliva and was starving.

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