Chapter 11: Your school is a farmer’s university.

Many students are seeing a turf potted in four canteens outside #1 canteen. When they saw that they were planting peppers in the ground, they were a little faint.

Waiting for the meal, it is not a problem, the improved dishes of #1 canteen also appeared in the other canteens!

The masters of C are all happy, the campus is so large, and the five dining halls are distributed in different places, in order to facilitate the students everywhere to eat. Some people have to cross the entire campus to reach #1 canteen, and it hurts a lot.

They thought that after #1 canteen exited the C Big Five Canteens, it would become the C Big Four Canteens. How do you know that the other four canteens have also been washed together?

Sure enough, is there no progress without competition?

Under such a warm atmosphere, many teachers and students who did not eat in the canteen were stimulated to spend, and the sales of the five canteens were rising.

Later, the news gradually came out. It was the new boss who was a good person in #1 canteen. He actively shared recipes to the other canteens and advised them to be better for students.

In fact, because #1 canteen is the first advocate, and has the advantage of self-cultivating vegetables, the new dish will also be the first in the world. Even if Cui Qichao has no psychological expectations for the traffic, it has become the canteen with the highest traffic.

Life has become so beautiful that C students felt as if they were dreaming.

Especially for freshmen, they caught the best time. After only a few days of eating the dark cooking, a canteen reform was ushered in.

Taking advantage of the reputation among the students, Cui Qichao also officially proposed to President Cui, that he also wants to plant the pool with spinach.

Water Amaranth

Even after listening to the request of the mountain after the land reclamation, President Cui couldn’t help but hear this. This nephew is too crazy, even the pool is not let go, that is also part of the campus beautification.

“Look, these are the cases of water amaranth as a greenery. Isn’t this also beautifying?”

Cui Qichao said, “And, water leek can purify water and prevent algae from spreading. It is an excellent biomaterial.”

President Cui glanced at it and seemed to be okay. After all, his nephew will keep talking, can he still be satisfied? At the point he is still C university principal, he can still do it.

Cui Qichao got permission, immediately researched the water quality of the pool, cut the bamboo of the school, sliced ​​into thin bamboo pieces, and made the cultivation bed by himself. It can fit the size of the pool completely and lay a plastic sheet underneath to prevent leakage.

Hydroponic amaranth Cui Qichao chose the sharp-leaved green leafhopper, which belongs to the big leaf species, and has its own nutrient solution.

Amaranth grows fast, as long as the fertilization is right, if the weather is warmer, the first wave can be received in ten or twenty days, and then harvested again every ten days and a half, and continuous harvesting for half a year is not a problem.

So after filling up a few canteens, Cui Qichao enriched all the pools in the school, and it was a pleasure. In the real world, is possible to be chic.

The scarcity of land resources has reached the point where if you have money, you can’t plant it like this. With the exuberant planting desire of Cui Qichao, it is possible to get sick, but it is satisfied in the virtual plane.


On the change of C big – now the popular network broadcast, students have some enthusiasm, want to open the live broadcast to show everyone after washing the heart of the famous university dark restaurant.

The students doing the live broadcast went out to the male dormitory and walked to the next dining hall.They passed the pool along the way and took video of the water leeks inside. The camera passed over the hill, and the green vegetables were revealed in the mountains. The peppers outside the canteen were photographed, all red and full of beauty.

The audience in the live broadcast said:

[Your school has a lot of plants, it must be the Agricultural University! 】

[? University, is this not in the country? 】

[Not a university in Nanhai? Which place, Nanhai Agricultural University? 】

[I just came in, a little shocked, the original anchor is the Agricultural University 】

[Wow, it’s not a farmer’s school, there are so many plants in the school. 】

[I have a friend who is also a farmer’s university. I heard that I can eat the food and vegetables from my school’s experimental fields. 】

[No… The anchor didn’t say that he is C big? 】

[Impossible, C has no agronomy at all. 】

C college students who are broadcasting live: “………”

“I am right at C, and our school does not have a major in agronomy! These are our own school cafeteria!”

[I don’t believe in the trough, is your school cafeteria so arrogant? Can you grow vegetables everywhere? 】

[Hey, I really thought it was an agricultural university when I looked at the picture…]

[The words of the real farmer’s school, we have the test field right, but there is no sorrow, and the green potted plants are hot peppers. 】

Later, this screen was widely circulated in the university town of Nanhai City, causing everyone to resonate deeply.

C University’s feelings are unconsciously, the scope of sowing of #1 canteen is getting wider and wider, even the pool is not let go.

People from other schools in the University City said that they didn’t dare to recognize C’s roads, especially those in Nanhai’s Agricultural University. When they go there, they want to say whether we are a farmer’s university or are you a farmer’s university?

C, a comprehensive university that tries to catch up with Nanhai University.


Cui Qichao went home every day to do the fixed training for Xioabai for 15 minutes. At present, Xiaobai has mastered the skills of sitting, lying, rolling, standing, setting, title, and tour. He only needs to in addition to strengthen the obedience training is to accompany xiaobai in practice.

The first stage is practiced at home, and then he can go outdoors when he is familiar with it.

After the unremitting efforts of Cui Qichao, Xiaobai has been close to him. The distance of walking a hundred meters is indifferent, so after work today, Cui Qichao gave Xiaobai a leash, ready to borrow the opportunity to see the growth of vegetables in the school, and carry out outdoor exercises.

Cui Qichao led Xiao bai out, the corridor is very quiet, Xiaobai also good, did not leave his side, but cleverly clinging to the calf, head up at any time to observe waiting for Cui Qichao instructions.

The opposite door opened, and the neighbor’s aunt came out. He saw that Cui Qichao was holding an animal. At first glance, she thought it was a puppy. When she looked at it carefully, she found that it was a cat. Cui Qichao took it away. Cui Qichao stopped in front of the elevator. Pulling the rope, it happened to sit down.

The neighbor Auntie praised: “Xiao Cui, I don’t know if you still have a cat. This cat doesn’t usually does not make noise. When you go out it’s so well behaved.”

The free-range cats are not the same as the domestic cats, and most of them are courageous, but whether they are free-range or domestic, it is rare to see them be so well-behaved, Anyway, the neighbors have never seen them.

It is said that cats are not well-fed, and the cats of Xiao Cui’s family seem to be different.

“Yeah, it’s very good, so I can take it outside.” Cui Qichao said.

It’s strange to go out and walk the cat. Neighbor aunt took a closer look, this cat hair is still a little long, it may be a little like a forest cat, that likes to play outside.

After Cui Qichao and his neighbor Auntie said goodbye, he took Xiaobai to C, and it took less than ten minutes to walk from his apartment.

On this road, Xiaobai’s rate of return can be high. The dog has seen more, and the cat is really only seen on the Internet.

Not to mention that this one is amazing, the owner walks away, the master stops and stops, never leaves the master half a meter, and has been staring at the owner, even if there are fish bones on the ground, it turns a blind eye. It’s not an ordinary kitten and follows it master. They are close to the owner’s calves, and the movements are super-accurate like police dogs. They don’t know how he trained it.

Cui Qichao only thought that the shepherd cat was not as popular as it was later, and in fact, he usually went out to see him alone, how can he care so much.

Cui Qichao took the cat to the cafeteria and let it see the staff in the cafeteria.

The C Cafeteria will be open until 10 pm, with a day and night supply, so there are still many people at this time. At the beginning when first gave the cat to Cui Qichao’s the handyman was shocked. He didn’t believe when Cui said that he could train a cat, that he could really train it.

“We can bring it to the cafeteria next month.” Cui Qichao touched the little white head.

“Cui always you cat, don’t catch the mouse, put it outside, buy a snack and you can shake hands with the cat, can sell crazy.” Someone joked.

“Cui, you don’t have to let it catch a mouse, let’s put it outside. You can shake hands with a cat when  people come buy snacks, and you can sell like crazy.” Someone joked.

“Not at all.” Cui Qichao said, in his opinion, the cat that will shake hands is it not running all over the street?

“Well, I will go see the leeks.” Cui Qichao gave Xiaobai a password, “Little white, go.”

So Xiaobai consciously held the leash, standing next to Cui Qichao, waiting for Cui Qichao to re-hook the leash on its collar.

Cui Qichao took Xiaobai and left, so he did not see other people hesitating with a doubtful look. They didn’t know much about cats. However, Cui’s cat was like a dog.


Cui Qichao patrolled with Xiaobai to cultivate the leeks, because it was late, and Xiaobai had been walking with him for quite a long time, he also hugged Xiaobai.

When he finished checking the plants, he passed by the pet hospital. Cui Qichao thinks that Xiaobai’s time for deworming this month should also come, and bring it in to let the doctor give the medicine.

“You can’t take a bath after you finish the medicine, the kitten has not taken a bath,

would you like it to take a bath? ” The doctors gave a taste of their service.

“Yes.” “Cui Qichao did not hesitate, agreed. It’s been some time since the last time he bathed Xiao Bai.

“Little white, sit.” Cui Qichao gave Xiaobai a command, let it stand on the bathing platform, Xiaobai did not move, Cui Qichao went out and so on.

The pet doctor who witnessed this scene went out and said with surprise: “The cat in your house is so good, it still know not to move?”

“This training has indeed been a long time.” Cui Qichao saw that they still had a long-haired big cat in the hospital. They were lying on the chair, and they might have a shepherd cat lineage. They touched it and said, “Handshake.”

The big cat did not respond, and the tail swept away.

The doctor said with a smile: “I used to teach it to shake hands. I really couldn’t teach. I used to take food for half a day. Your cat is too smart, especially a kitten. Many kittens are sticky. It is sticky, it is also smart, I see that the old cat can understand some people’s words more.”

Cui Qichao was keenly aware of something wrong, and asked tentatively: “So… will your cat be a shepherd?”

Doctor: “Hey, how can a cat be a shepherd?”

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