Chapter 10: A small condition

After the efforts of Cui Qichao, #1 canteen now does not count on chili oil. It has a total of seven improved dishes, including braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs, as well as fried peppers, sirloin stewed radish, fish-flavored pork, fried lettuce and kelp ribs soup.

As for these dishes, although the scope of the selection is not particularly wide, it has already met the basic needs of the vast majority of students.

At the suggestion of C university students, Cui Qichao also went to study the *white case. After all, everyone’s breakfast has not yet settled. (T/N :The white case is the name for the work in the catering industry for the production of noodles and related pasta products. The common name of the white case is: noodles.)

When it comes to the breakfast in #1 canteen, it is also famous. The dishes they usually cook are hard to eat.They can spread the omelettes, make buns, and dumplings. Touch it, this stuffing is a mix of green pepper fried meat, leeks beef, etc., and when you come across bad luck, you will get a steamed bun of strawberries. Do you eat or not?

According to his own understanding, Cui Qichao gave two recipes. One is lean meat rice noodles and the other is ham omelettes.

Lean meat rice noodles is not very troublesome, the green pepper is chopped finely, and the minced meat and chopped green onions are fried and sautéed to make noodles. Once you cook a pot, you can put a lot of rice noodles. Add a little homemade pepper oil to the bottom of the soup, and add sesame oil, soy sauce and other seasonings to heat the water to make the soup base.

Rice noodles are boiled in boiling water and put into a bowl. Cui Qichao prefers to shorten the kneading time to a little shorter, so that the elasticity is more sufficient. But he set a standard for two periods of time. If students like to eat soft rice noodles, they can cook for a little longer.

And the rice noodles changed a lot, the face code can be changed every day,

Green pepper lean meat can also be kelp ribs – this meal can still be eaten, it is lighter than the green pepper lean meat, and there is no need to add any pepper to the soup base.

Ham omelet must control the time and oil temperature, fry until the noodles are yellow, the chopped green onion is fragrant and not browned, diced ham is fried a little bit until it’s skin is crispy, so that the savory taste of the ham is fully exerted.

When you beat the eggs, mix some white pepper in it. White pepper is softer than black pepper. Adding the right amount of flavor will not be rushing. Sometimes you can feel the special aroma after eating a few mouthfuls.

The golden omelet is adorned with green scallions and browned ham with fleshy pink sides, and the pieces are softly stacked together, and the coloring is used it to make people want to bite on it.

Cui Qichao saw in the suggestion that in the rice noodles of #4 canteen, it seems that they have also eaten pieces of dish cloth. #1 canteen does not know whether there is a similar experience, but it is not satisfactory to see the taste of the spit.

Now it is different. The rice noodles are warmly welcomed by the university. If there is no class in the morning, it is the best. In the breakfast time, they will sneak into #1 canteen, cal forl a bowl of rice noodles, and in the full canteen there is the sound of the sucking of rice noodles. If a person can’t eat spicy food, they can taste the peppers inside, and they have to suck from their nose from time to time.

Once you bite of rice noodles, the vermicelli is full of elasticity, and the noodles are delicious. When you eat it, you will also drink the soup at the end. The stomach is full of heat from the mouth to the stomach. It feels full of happiness.

Most of the students in C university seem to prefer rice noodles, and some have only ten minutes left to go to class. They must first queue up in the cafeteria to get a bowl of rice noodles, regardless of the hot two minutes of light absorption.

If you can’t do it, you have to rush to get a ham and egg omelette. One is enough for a girl to eat. There are many boys who have to take two. This is a hot and delicious meal. You can smell the ham and egg scent before you get close.

It is obviously a simple meal, but it makes people feel that it is very difficult. In other cases, there are several other canteens, and even the stalls where the school sells breakfast, and there is no egg omelette that can be spread like this… just right.

The presence of ham and white pepper, as well as the appropriate amount of oil so that the omelette is not greasy at all, biting down there’s the taste of soft eggs, onions, ham and a hint of white pepper, the taste is clear and rich, a few mouthfuls to eat, Can still relish for a half minute.

It’s a pity that when it’s late, it doesn’t taste as hot as it is cold. Maybe it’s the reason why many people prefer rice noodles. It’s hard to learn without something hot to eat  in the morning.

Cui Qichao is also looking at the students, it’s too bad. At that time, the kitchen was completely a personal interest, and all kinds of kitchen cooking machines liberated everyone’s hands.


#1 canteen is crowded with people at an extremely fast speed. Less than three months after the start of the school year, it has transformed from the head of the Five Canteens to a popular canteen where the Internet Red Restaurant is also inferior. Although the change is still in progress, it has already had a huge impact.

There is no harm without comparison. Most students prefer to line up for #1 canteen, and don’t want to go to the other four canteens, especially #4 canteen. These four places are forever available.

#1 canteen is crowded every day. After all, the reception capacity is limited. The new staff have been recruited in two waves. As soon as there’s news that new dishes are coming, even before it’s open to sale, the queue is to the dormitory.

In those days, C college students’ friends circle is hotly turning to the video of “#1 canteen cooking team”.

At the end of the month, the Finance Department settled. The turnover of #1 canteen was much higher than that of the other four canteens. The four canteens were much more bleak than usual. If you look at the table by day, this bleakness is still on a downward trend, contrary to the rise of #1 canteen.

In this way, even if Cui Qichao has President Cui to get the back of the mountain, the other cafeterias were quite vocal.

In the past, everyone was dark. Now that you are progressing alone, how can we feel, according to this trend, is it necessary to contract the other four canteens at the next tender?

President Cui, there are quite a lot of lobbyists, Ming Li secretly asked him when will his nephew had enough playing around.

Seeing his face he knows that president Cui’s nephew is *playing the ticket, but other people are trying to make money. (T/N: Previously referred to as amateur acting behavior, in a broad sense, is a non-professional behavior.)

President Cui is very supportive of Cui Qichao, but his heart is also a bit guilty. It has been a few months, and the nephew has not rested yet. He did not remind him, originally his nephew mood was depressed, heard that he raised cats, and then the pressure he can carry, anyway can not make his nephew unhappy.

On the contrary, Cui Qichao himself, from the staff, heard that the other four canteens were a bit yin and yang, and took the initiative to find four other bosses to chat.

The five of them stood together, the style of painting was also out of place, and they were a lot worse at the age. The other four were almost all of Cui Qichao’s uncles. However, knowing the identity of Cui Qichao, they did not dare to pose as elders in the face of Cui Qichao.

“I think everyone knows that I am in #1 canteen. In fact, the main purpose is to distract myself, so I prefer to see everyone happy.” Cui Qichao took a stack of papers. “I have several recipes here. The easy-to-cook dishes don’t delay too much effort because of the meticulous preparation. As long as the raw materials are fresh and the quality is up to standard, the students will buy it, so there is no problem that the students are too unbalanced and the dining hall is big. If you are interested in making other changes, I can also provide other current recipes. Advertising in #1 canteen is not a problem, I can get in the flow.”

The bosses of these canteens only squatted for a while and smiled. With the relationship between Cui Qichao and the people who want to change back, it is definitely not a bar. However, the method he proposed is very good, very good for everyone’s sake. Why not do it.

The school is so big, everyone knows it. The cooking level of #1 canteen has not been seen before, and it is not a very detailed recipe.

For the canteen dishes, it is important to know the timing and seasoning. Mastering the ingredients also requires experience. The dishes prepared by the general chef may be oily, not just the refreshing taste when under the control of Cui Qichao, not to mention the large pot cooked canteen dishes.

In addition, for a large pot, the amount is very large, and the quality needs to be evenly sautéed.

Many people can do it quickly and evenly, and they can have the strength to go to the cafeteria to work. However, it is not everyone who controls the time.

Take an analogy of the cauldron vegetarian dish. The cauldron has a post-ripening period, that is, after the vegetables are put into the container, the residual heat will continue to warm, making the vegetables more cooked.

If you start to fry at the beginning, after a period of time, the vegetables are too ripe and the taste is not good. If you fry it too raw, and there will be another situation.

Just right, to achieve the best taste? Too difficult!

However, when did the students see that the food in #1 canteen was too greasy or too light? They also got the employees to let them have a taste from #1 canteen, and there is no problem when it comes to single-packing.

It’s not that the chef has plenty of experience, the frying just right, but it’s up to an excellent level – they even wonder why Cui Qichao is in a school canteen, he has this method can control the finished product level is high but not high volatility, go out to open a chain of restaurants If you don’t make a profit, there’s a ghost in Wei Zhilin.

“Of course, I also have a small condition.” Cui Qichao looked at the crowd.

There are still conditions, will not be to pay for recipes? It depends on how much the price is, but it is actually acceptable. The four bosses stared at Cui Qichao, “Please say.”

Cui Qichao said faintly: “I hope that in your canteens, potted plants and turf will be replaced with peppers. Moreover, all planting steps are strictly in accordance with my opinion.”


This condition was unexpected everyone was stunned. They knew that Cui Qichao had planted vegetables in the back hills, but they did not know that Cui Qichao… so love planting.

The exchange condition is actually to grow vegetables on their site, in the end how passionate are you about growing your own vegetables!

However, when it comes to self-cultivation, the quality of their own peppers seem to be particularly good. The color of chili oil is different from ordinary ones, which is famous in C. It is reasonable to conclude that the vegetables in Houshan may be better than those on the market.

Anyway, such a good condition, do not have to think more, of course, the public is the first time to agree. It is my heart to think that watching this serious attitude is not like playing a ticket.

They shook hands with Cui Qichao one by one, and since they all cooperated, they did not hesitate to praise.

“Xiao Cui is really generous, generous, atmospheric!”

“Right, you seem to have a long time in C, and the reception volume of #1 canteen has risen steadily.”

“To tell the truth, I also ate #1 canteen’s dish, and the chili oil, which is self-cultivated, the taste is very good, can be said to have a unique flavor.”

“The quality of pepper cultivation is particularly good.Cui Qichao general profession when studying abroad, is…?”

Cui Qichao thought about the information here and said: “University is international politics, and graduate students have turned to finance.”

Cui Qichao said it was too natural, as if reading finance was normal, the direction of employment was to grow peppers, so it was so good… so no one asked why you didn’t do professional work.

The bosses were silent for a few seconds and laughed and said: “Ah, hahaha, no wonder it is so good now…”

It’s related, learning politics and finance must be helpful for growing vegetables, right?


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