Chapter 9: Happy Sowing

With the university city, there is some connection between each other.The reputation of C Big Five Canteens also resounded in the university town. In the past, there were even other schools that bet on the C canteen.Those who have lost have to go to C to randomly ask someone to use their id so they could go to the cafeteria to eat. They usually come back with the look of neuropathy.

The news of the reform of the C-large dining hall was also passed to other schools, it should be seen, but they made people believe that the chili oil of #1 canteen was better than Wei Zhilin restaurant, and because of this, it made many people doubt it.

When C college students invited them, some people did not believe their intentions were evil. They ran to find them and let them go to #1 canteen to eat.

It’s also a coincidence. At this time, there is homemade chili oil. The students from the foreign school are satisfied. The white rice is mixed with chili oil, and you can add a meal after eating the rice bowl and send out the “real fragrance” sound.

It depends on the early marketing work of Wei Zhilin. #1 canteen is unintentionally standing on the shoulders of giants. In the opposite direction of dark cooking, it once again became famous in the university town of Nanhai.

Because chili oil is still limited supply, but also inadvertently caused hunger marketing.

#1 canteen can only use the campus card of C college students, students from other schools can only purchase from C major students or borrow their campus cards if they want to eat.

There are a lot of discussion posts on the C forum, which means that in the case of such a scarce resource, the students of this school who lead the wolf into the room, they eat more and occupy more, is it really appropriate?

By the east wind of Ajino, the reputation of #1 canteen has spread to the outside of the university town and within the Nanhai city. At the beginning of the rise of  #1 canteen, some people felt that they were exaggerating. After many people said this, it becomes similar to the existence of sweeping monks, There was also a high-ranking person in #1 university canteen, and the chili oil that was made is then Wei Zhilin restaurant.

They don’t know who has produced a food story, saying that it is a chef who has lost a love in #1 cafeteria. It is a savory chili oil. From planting to production, it is full of the chef’s intentions. It will be so delicious.

Not to mention the food story, some people will say that pure handwork is good, great and original.

This is a rumor that the people in the restaurant can not know.

In fact, the amount of chili oil in #1 canteen has not affected the business of Wei Zhilin, but it affects the signboards. The signboards they have, says they are the hottest. Over time, the enthusiasm of customers will still drop, and they will feel that this place is better than #1 university canteen.

Made into a stepping stone, the boss is mad and inquired about the canteen. The result is that it seems that C University has spontaneously touted it. They have the heart to turn the information over, and find out what is coming, such as exposing the name of the canteen chili, but just for the marketing and pulling Wei Zhilin restaurant.


“No, boss, no one will believe, C canteen is not open to the public, only to the teachers and students of the school. At least on the surface.”

This place is an internal canteen. What is the use of people to step on your marketing?

Wei Zhilin boss: Good luck! There is no way!


After spending a few days, Cui Qichao led the people to turn over the available land on the hill. The weeds were removed, the whole land was done, the base fertilizer was done, and the shallow tillage was done.

Considering the speed of food consumption in the canteen, the main species here are leafy vegetables such as water spinach and Chinese cabbage,and those that can be picked many times are also the most sown.

When choosing the species, Cui Qichao studied it. He didn’t know the variety at that time, only knew the quality and suitability. For example, the last choice of spinach seeds is the large round leaf spinach. This spinach has a high yield, but it is not resistant to cold and is not suitable for disease. It is more suitable for planting this season. The amount of seed per acre is about five to seven kilograms.

It was spring, and it took Cui Qichao a few weeks before taking the time to bring the back hills together.

The staff of the canteen found that Cui was really professional and not only specialized in the cultivation of peppers. He also knew about these vegetables and took everyone to use the method of dropping water. Connect the watering pipe, first irrigate the water into the ground, and then sow and cover the soil.

Cui Qichao is wearing a suit on the mountain, and he is not afraid of the inconvenience of activities. His face is dignified: “Be careful, carefully control the amount of watering and fertilization. This season’s spinach is very important!”

His expression was serious and everyone was nervous. Cui has a deep background. Is there any deep meaning in these dishes?

Cui Qichao continued: “The spinach planted in spring is slower than the summer spinach. The harvest time is nearly half a month later, but the summer spinach grows fast, the nutrient accumulation is less, and the taste is actually not as good as the spring spinach! To cherish the taste of this season. !”

Everyone: “………”

Looking at a scene where a mountain has been opened, Cui Qichao is full of satisfaction and motivation. He’s so happy to be satisfied, he’s going to keep refueling.

Because of the recent few sunny days, Cui Qichao also germinated the spinach in the canteen, otherwise it is difficult to germinate directly.

For the variety of spinach, he chose the leafy leek, because this variety can not only be cultivated in dry land, but it is also one of the varieties that can be cultivated in shallow water. He has quietly taken aim at some of the pools in the school. When he is ready to plant the spinach on the edge in the name of greening, he will not waste even an inch of land.

Because of this, Cui Qichao also increased the number of times that he came out of the office and went downstairs. The seeds were soaked on the first floor and washed once a day. Cui Qichao came over from time to time to measure the wetness and watering.

When he comes down, he will inevitably encounter the peak  of the meal. Many students have noticed his figure in the kitchen.

At first, it was almost thought that the background board was placed there, and later it was discovered that it was moving. After all, Cui Qichao’s dress and the kitchen seem to be out of place. In fact, it is incompatible with the entire canteen. He seems to be more suitable for more formal occasions such as classrooms and hotels.

Cui Qichao was separated by the students who came up to take the rice bowl,the window of the dish was overwhelmed, and the aunts who were cooking were bothered, and smashed the pot with a spoon.”You don’t want to go out and eat.”

“Big sister don’t, ask the little brother who he is? What is he doing here?”

Aunt looked back and said with pride: “This is our boss.”

Cui’s face value and temperament have raised the level of the whole canteen, being employees Cui,  they are very proud.

All the students who heard it were unconvinced.

Impossible, Someone so tall and handsome running #1 canteen?

Some of the new bosses and principals who circulated in #1 canteen some time ago had a very close relationship. They were filled with the image of a more greasy middle-aged man like a schoolmaster’s classmate and a nephew.

And the present one, gives a person the idea that if he contracts #1 canteen, the school should put back the idea of money.

Auntie looked at everyone’s skeptical eyes and said, “If you don’t believe go online to check, are you not able to check what legal representatives?”

Auntie said this, it should be no fake.

Some time ago  many people said that a canteen owner is bullying, destroyed the C big dating holy land.

When they saw Cui Qichao himself, the wind commentary became:

“Wow, the new boss of a canteen is really beautiful!”

“He’s so kind, he’s still planting vegetables in the back hills to improve the food for everyone.”

 Cui Qichao’s practice of planting vegetables on the back hills is all praised in a blink of an eye.

After all, good-looking, do everything right.


At first, Cui Qichao didn’t know about these things. He didn’t plan to develop campus romance. He basically only communicated with the staff of the canteen, and he didn’t use the network of this era to see the students irrigating.

However, one week later, when he took out the proposal from the suggestion box and read it, about one-third of it was clipped with the canteen recommendation, but it was related to him.

However, looking at the past with Cui Qichao’s eyes, the only thing to remember is: “The boss is so handsome, how do you grow vegetables if you want to grow vegetables, we have no opinions!”

That’s good, put it away, this is evidence that the students also supporting them to grow vegetables in #1 canteen.

.Xiaobai has been at home for a while, and Cui Qichao feels that it adapts well. At this time, there should be no stress reaction in the bath.

“Little white.” Cui Qichao shouted as soon as he entered the door, and saw Xiaobai being honestly sleeping in the shoe box. Shortly after Xiaobai arrived home, he tried to climb the sofa or sleep in the bed. After being taught many times by Cui Qichao, he did not dare.

Cui Qichao put down the special shower gel and cat litter that he just bought. “Come, I bought a cat bed for you, and you don’t have to sleep in the shoe box later.”

Xiaobai showed a suspicious look, staring at the cat’s nest and looking at it for a long while, before going up to lie down.

“Like it, this cat litter is quite expensive.” Cui Qichao touched the white head.

When Xiao Bai listened to this sentence, his eyes flashed a bit of self-rejection, and he was proud to leave the cat bed.

“Why, do you still prefer the shoe box?” Cui Qichao wondered, “What should I do if I can’t sleep after the shoe box? I will go back to the canteen and take a box and come back…”


Xiaobai’s front cat paw suddenly stopped, slowly he lowered his front half, stretched out, and then rolled back and forth as if nothing had happened.

“Still like it.” Cui Qichao smiled and brought Xiabai to take a shower.

Even if the genes are improved, they should be desensitized slowly in the case of bathing and blowing. However, Cui Qichao has already undergone obedience training, so after putting Xiaobai into the bathtub, he gave the command: “Sit down, set!”

Xiaobai will not move.

Cui Qichao gave him a bath while feeding some snacks. Xiaobai performed very well. After receiving the command, he was not disturbed by the water flow or foam. He was honestly eating and was rubbed all over.

When the blow drying his hair Xiaobai performance is very good, Standing still on the table,  while Cui Qichao dries it, he does not hide, and knows when he supposed to turn to another side.

“After the vaccine is finished, you can also do outdoor training.” Cui Qichao said, “Let these days, practice at home.”

An excellent shepherd cat, of course, will follow the owner’s feet while accompanying, and keep looking up at the owner to receive the owner’s command on time.

The breeding of shepherd cats satisfies the needs of many people. It possesses the cat’s delicate appearance and partial character characteristics, plus the dog’s obedience and loyalty. It works smartly and the food is smaller than the dog. It is no wonder that it will be self-sufficient. After the invention, it became very popular.

When you take them out, you will never have to hold and load them like ordinary unmodified cats.

Xiaobai didn’t know if he understood it, and looked up at Cui Qichao.

Cui Qichao looked at its round and big eyes, smiled slightly, and leaned over to his fluffy face and kissed him.


Cui Qichao got up, but when he thought about it, he was impulsive. He was forced to go to the bathroom and wash his face.


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