Chapter 8: Wrong Channel

T/N: It is so hot today, but I wanted to get out a chapter for everyone. I hope you all enjoy it.

The real world

Cui Qichao has been in the virtual plane for a while, and the accumulated material is enough to cut out an episode.

Speaking of it, Lin Lin was criticized for her affairs. Finally, a high-level meeting decided that the virtual plane cost was too high. Cui Qichao’s signing fee was not low. Plus, he also had a strong lawyer, she could only grit her teeth and continue to produce the program.

Lin Lin looked at the samples again and was very distraught. Cui Qichao he did not fall in love, forget it, but also ruined the sweetest and most loved place in C, and all the couples were driven away… 

Hello, to give you a humanoid plug-in is it not for letting you force the cultivation of vegetables??

The audience who came to see a campus romance will have their expressions harden at the sight. 

“Put it in the women’s frequency, just plug it as a campus story.” Lin Lin held her forehead.

Even if the audience complained that she couldn’t help it, it couldn’t be cut into a gourmet film. Cui Qichao opened a canteen. The technical content of the dishes was not high, there was nothing fancy, and more were made by the canteen chef.

After thinking about it for a long time, it’s better to put it on campus story. It does not follow the routine*, but maybe it will have a miraculous effect?

T/N: the original wording was ‘the sword is going to be slant’ which is an idiom for what I replaced it with.

If there is a complaint from the audience, I will reply according to the words of Cui Qichao: The entire program scene is in the school, and there is no problem in labeling it as a campus story.

Just come to reverse marketing, and fight.

The propaganda was done, and the close-up screenshot of Cui Qichao was put on the cover to deceive people. The title: The ancient emperor’s blood awakening, airborne 21st-century campus.

As a result, Lin Lin expected that once the program was put on the shelves, it would be pushed in a non-omnichannel manner. It was only a general recommendation, which attracted a large number of online users to watch because it was placed in the female frequency, so most of them were women.

This cover has already had two major explosions. The first is the handsome guy, and the second is the awakening of the ancient emperor. Such a person is airborne on the campus, is the story sweet and ugly?


Huang Tao is one of the thousands of users who were attracted by the cover. She is lying in bed and looking for a new program. The cover of the show inadvertently breaks into her eyes and makes her stop the finger that wants to continue to scroll down.

The type of program that Huang Tao usually likes most is the campus romance. Whether it is the Huaxia Academy,  the Ancient European College, high school or university, schoolmasters, teachers, and students… as long as they look good, she likes the sweetest. Greasy with a hint of greenness.

Of course, there is another point, that is, the person who is starring is handsome.

The program has just come online and is still in the live broadcast, only a little progress has been made, Huang Tao was going to jump back to the beginning, but was attracted by the screen, Cui Qichao was teasing his cat, he chuckled and held the cat’s head in his hand, gentle enough to make people want to be the cat in his hand.

Listening to what Cui Qichao said, this was a shepherd cat. Also, shepherd cats were not bred in the 21st century.

‘Look at it from here, or go back and rewind it from the beginning’, her fingers can’t move. Huang Tao gave up the idea of ​​rewinding, and opened a pack of snacks to eat.

At this time, the scene changed, and the scene became a 21st-century campus. The camera moved for a while and then fell, locking on a hill.

At sunset, a pair of campus couples held hands and walked there for a stroll. They are full of youth and enjoying the best time of life.

The camera swayed, and there were even a couple kissing behind the tree.

“Wow–” Huang Tao sighed. “So warm, so pure.”

It’s a situation that’s not seen right now.

However, how did the scene turn to here, is the first episode of Cui Qichao going to be of him dating someone?

When Huang Tao was wondering, the actor appeared. He led a group of people in white uniforms to the hill and held various tools in their hands. With one order, these people started…turning the soil.

The couple panicked, like a frightened dragonfly, and left the hill. The warm campus love story has turned into rural life.

“??” In this case, the eager Huang Tao reached out and opened the real-time barrage comment.

[Who am I, where am I, what am I looking at? 】

[Ah, ah, did I go to the wrong channel, why, why did he start farming again! Where’s the date after you turn this place over? It’s just hard to think that I can watch the pure campus love scene for a while! 】

[Why did the front still hold the hope of nothingness, I see that the protagonist has no idea of ​​falling in love! Campus love, does not exist! 】

[No, don’t tell me this cruel fact, I can bear that he has been farming, but can’t accept that he doesn’t fall in love…]

[My mouth has not been closed for 40 minutes to open this program. This is the most amazing show I have seen in the female frequency. 】

[??? I came to see the handsome family campus romance, you show me how to farm, and ruin the people in love! 】

[No… you pay attention to the subtitle, this is really overbearing! 】

Huang Tao found this difficult to digest. The subtitle of watching this story is “Cui Qichao single-minded, across the campus”.” If you don’t look at the picture, you still think that it is the plot of total tenderness.

Huang Tao turned the progress bar to the very beginning. From here, Cui Qichao just entered the campus, and the barrage was still pink. The audience saw his face shouting: “Love is in love!”

In less than ten minutes, Cui Qichao has already contracted the school cafeteria and planted peppers in the cafeteria.

The barrage is full of question marks, a little unbelievable plot development.

[What kind of ghost, suddenly growing a field?】

[Excuse me, I seem to be on the wrong channel. 】

Even Huang Tao wants to scream and say good emperor bloodline awakening? Why is it different from saying good, don’t be a student’s inappropriate teacher, go to the contractor to plant peppers!

It’s a thick and sloppy one, and there’s a picture of what the teachers and students are seeing every day. All are eating and eating, lined up to eat and eat, and there is no glimpse of the wonderful atmosphere of a campus love story.

The audience madly spit:

[Toxic, why am I still watching? 】

[I don’t know why, anyway, the protagonist is too handsome, I can’t go out. 】

[I just want to know what will happen next…]

[I want to say they make a mistake in the label, but I don’t know what the correct label is. 】

[I came in with the girl’s heart, now I am hungry. 】

[Hungry plus one. 】

[I have already eaten three bowls of rice in one episode. Thank you. 】

[Reported, false tags. 】

“No wonder…” Huang Tao muttered, she understood why other audiences in Houshan were so excited, and after seeing more than half of them, the imaginary picture finally appeared. The next second, Cui Qichao took away the people’s campus dating holy site to plant vegetables!

Toxic, this protagonist is really poisonous. Huang Tao, while meditating, could not help but add the show to the collection.

Anyway, she does not believe that the protagonist of the four years is really light farming, not falling in love!




C University

The behavior of #1 canteen that took over the dating spot Holy Land caused dissatisfaction among the C students. Especially for the little lovers, the environment on the hill is quiet, there are many shelters, and you can see the sunset glow. It is one of the best places for everyone to judge C.

Now by #1 canteen blatantly planting a lot of vegetables, the atmosphere is greatly reduced, but now whenever they stroll there, say love words and then kiss, there are aunts who are pouring water on vegetables from time to time, because of that they don’t have any mood to continue ah.

#1 canteen is too embarrassing, did not catch the students, but what is the difference with chasing them away.

The students protested collectively, posting in forums, posting posts, writing letters to the principal’s mailbox, responding through the student union, etc., but all means were finally declared invalid.

There is a gossip that the new boss of #1 canteen has a deep background, so he can unscrupulously use the hill by… planting vegetables, how can ordinary students fight.

What to do, only to turn grief and anger into appetite, to eat in #1 canteen.

—— One yard owned by a yard, The chili oil that was recently supplied free of charge in #1 canteen is also delicious!

Because of this, some single-dog students even said that if #1 canteen wants to occupy the back of the mountain to be able to grow a variety of peppers and guarantee the long-term supply of chili oil, they will definitely support #1 canteen.

This chili oil saved many students who couldn’t get good food and didn’t have an appetite. Drink porridge, eat noodles, rice, and add a spoonful or a half a spoon of chili oil to it. It tastes great, sweet and spicy, and delicious.

The only drawback is that it is consumed too quickly. It is said that the chili oil is made from self-cultivated millet pepper. The supply is in short supply. After eating this, the

pepper is still long or in production, and it will take some time for it to grow.

Therefore, #1 canteen also used the purchased millet pepper to make chili oil, and the taste is always worse. Zhu Yu is in front and can only say that it is okay.

The students will supervise each other. They all know that chili oil is consumed quickly and is free to use. If encounter unconsciously more, the people around will stand up and blame. Even claiming to help the classmates on behalf of the fight being controversial. It is generally believed that a conscience C university can only be one and a half spoons at a time.

Under the strong request of the students, #1 canteen also had to explain in advance, which day will be pure self-made homemade chili oil. The pepper plants that were not so seriously taken have also been respected by the students: this is the source of delicious food!

There are even students take the initiative to donate flower pots so that #1 canteen has a variety of several peppers, This is not mentioned.

At first, there was also remark that the chili oil in #1 canteen could be used as a meal replacement for Wei Zhilin restaurant. With the number of people trying, this saying has quietly turned into #1 canteen, is full of food and the chile oil tastes better than Wei Zhilin restaurant.

Wei Zhilin still has many fans in the university town. The students of other schools heard this saying at first, and they thought that the C college students were playing again. The black history of #1 canteen is too deep and a little progress, they are attempting to sell something.

Until C college students are convinced to say: If you want to try it, use my card to buy a porridge, add some free chili oil, what do you have to lose?

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