Chapter 7: Hot

T/N: So a nice reader brought me coffee, it motivated me enough to do another chapter, but when I went to say thank you and inform the reader a chapter was done, I found out that the coffee was for my original work x.x. Well here’s the chapter anyway :3

The signature staple of Weizhilin Restaurant is spicy food. It is said that all the peppers have been carefully selected. They are absolutely hot and domineering, and they are unforgettable. Classic dishes such as boiled fish, spicy chicken feet, and Kung Pao Chicken are very popular.

Since the opening of the Weizhilin Restaurant University City branch, the business has been as hot as their dishes, attracting customers from all over Nanhai City to try the dishes that have been popular on the Internet for such a long time.

This time, the spiciest eating place in C, except for #1 canteen is Weizhilin Restaurant.

However, for everyone, the meaning of the two is different. The canteen dish is an independent cuisine, #1 canteen has a long-standing reputation, and basically, no one will compare the two.

On this day, in the C counselor’s dormitory, in room 201, #1 canteen’s dish and Weizhilin Restaurant signature dishes came to a formal contest.

Counselors Xiao Qin, Xiao Chen and Xiao Zhou, came back from #1 canteen to eat food. They didn’t go early enough, so they didn’t get the spicey canteen dishes. They had to get a little fried cabbage, bean sprouts, beef, three fresh tofu and the like before coming back.

The counselors all lived in a single room, but the three girls loved to eat together.

The lunch box was placed on the table, and it was inevitable that the appetite was not good at the thought of what was inside. Still, with being busy all morning, Xiao Qin got the courage to open her lunch box, and she poured two spoonfuls of chili oil in the corner of the lunch box. At this time, Xiao Qin picked up a piece of beef and dipped it into some of the chili oil and put it into her mouth.

 The moment when the food touched her tongue, Xiao Qin could hardly react in the first place: it was delicious.

She was prepared to eat beef that was too hydrated and fried a bit old, and today’s beef is indeed not very delicious. However, the bite of chili oil wrapped in this unqualified fried beef took the lead in close contact with Xiao Qin’s taste buds. The spicy taste bursts in the mouth, and the saliva is earlier than her thoughts.

Xiao Qin quickly chewed a few mouthfuls of beef, the spicy pepper of Xiaomi pepper, the aroma of red pepper, and a little white sesame that bounced between the teeth, even covered with red oil on the top, making the boring beef immediately hot. 

The fire was mixed with the smell and the tip of the tongue. Xiao Qin coughed out, but she was surprised to say: “Spicy, really delicious.”

There seems to be a little red oil and white sesame seeds on the tongue. The aftertaste continues to stimulate between the lips and teeth, making Xiao Qin’s lips slightly reddened.

“What is the pepper delicious?” Xiao Chen looked at her in surprise. She didn’t try the chili oil. She picked up a chopstick bean sprout and dipped some chili oil in the Xiaoqin bowl and ate it.

“Hey–” Xiao Chen always likes to eat spicy food. At this time, she is shocked. The scent is overflowing in the mouth. The pepper has been fried for a long time because it was soaked by oil for a long time, slightly crisp but not dry, chili seeds and white sesame seeds together on the tongue, the taste of the bean sprouts were also raised, after a few mouthfuls, hot sweat also emerged.

Xiao Chen’s appetite was just tuned up, and the hunger began to scream loudly. She quickly took a mouthful of rice to suppress the spicy taste. “Wow, it’s really hot, but also particularly fragrant, my God, I had too much, tears are going to come down.” 

This spicy taste is too exciting for people’s appetites. The original dish that attracted people’s hate seems to be cute again. After all, they can’t eat chili oil directly. It’s too spicy, but a large dish plus a little chili oil, can change their taste in general, the mouth is almost full of flavor is strong and spicy taste.


“Dear, look at what I brought back.” When Xiaowen carried the “Weizhilin Restaurant” packaged spicy chicken feet and opened room 201, She saw that her three colleagues were flushed with red, wet eyes, but also gasping for breath, she couldn’t help but laugh. “What have you eaten, to look like this.”

“One, one canteen, I need to drink some water.” Xiao Qin looked at the bag in her hand. “If I knew you packed the chicken feet, I wouldn’t have eaten that much.”

There is an inexplicable concept in everyone’s mind. Although there is no scientific basis, it seems to be particularly natural. The plain chili oil in #1 canteen is so delicious. but Weizhilin Restaurant is so famous, certainly, it’s more spicy and better to eat?

“Haha, is there a new dish in #1 canteen, is it spicy?” Xiaowen put the packing box down. “Do you still want to taste this spicy chicken claw? It’s hot, I used three packs of paper towels in the restaurant. My foundation was wiped off by wiping my nose.”

Then try it, although you are full, you can eat two more.

The three of them took a spicy chicken claw and picked it up. After taking a bite they felt, it was also a particularly stimulating spicy taste. The salty scent made their appetite increase, but they didn’t have the excitement just now as before.

Xiao Qin even thought in her heart, is it her illusion, how does she feel that the chili oil that is freely delivered in a canteen is better than the dozens of spicy chicken feet from  Weizhilin Restaurant?

The spicy chicken feet of Weizhilin are also delicious. If it was any other time, they could probably eat them with a whole bowl of white rice. Now, eating, even a little canteen, the meaning of the jade in front, have not been many surprises.

Xiaowen looked at their strange expressions and questioned: “Why, is it not good?”

“No, it’s delicious, that is… how do you say…” Xiao Qin weakened. “How do I feel that the chili oil in #1canteen seems to have won.”

“…I think so, how do you describe it? Their chili oil seems to have a richer taste.”

“What is this unique formula? It’s just good to eat alone, and it’s the better one.”

Xiaowen squinted and said: “Really, you will not lie to me. Recently, in the school there seems to be a lot of people who use dark dishes to deceive people, is #1 canteen out of the newly improved dish examples!” 


It doesn’t have its own distinction.

On the other hand, the masters of #1 canteen are taking care of the new steamed rice. Usually, they have enough rice, today it was actually less, in the end, many students added chili oil, and the appetite was stimulated to come back to rice.

The entire canteen from one to the next, all of which was making sucking noises and gasping. They don’t know if they thought they would eat hot pot together.

A large bowl of chili oil is now only half left.

This is too hot, and some students with lighter eating habits would burst into tears while still wanting to eat. Even for the taste-savvy students, adding a spoonful of pepper is very good.

This chili oil is almost versatile, in addition to the spicy, but also tastes strong, people want to continue to eat while crying. Especially in #1 canteen, so even if you are not a spicy eater, you should consider it, try it, or eat dark dishes.

“Master!! Please!! Rice!”

“How long does the master rice take to steam? Save this child!”

A bunch of students was holding the rice bowl and squeezing at the window, like a disaster for three days.

This picture is even a little funny to the students. When has #1 canteen ever seen such a scene, even if they have a few improved dishes, everyone can’t help but let out at least a few sighs, which is like now, the head must be stretched into the window, the neck stretched out, just to see if the chef’s rice is cooked.

The aunt who is cooking inside is also crying and laughing. “Otherwise, you should order a pad of rice, and the rice is still not cooked.”

The dishes will also be there.

The students couldn’t help but ask, “Is pepper oil bought?” 

“No, self-made, see the peppers planted outside, is made with that material.” Our boss said, just to add food to the students, not money. Aunt said with a smile.   

The pepper outside is also considered to be growing up. I didn’t expect it to look good, and the degree of spiciness was so amazing.

Some students also said: “What kind of peppers were eaten in Weizhilin Restaurant two days ago. They grew those peppers out of the special planting base. How come I feel that it is not as good as this chili oil.”

Rice aunt was not aware of this network popular restaurant, and just wanted to say: “It’s the ordinary millet pepper, or it’s grown by seedlings.”

She thinks that Cui always has a secret recipe. Just like the students don’t know, the several improved dishes during this time are the recipes given by Cui, which is especially accurate, from oil temperature to grams of ingredients.

After all, Cui’s total pepper is also very accurate.

Now, Cui, who was talking about the cafeteria staff, is sitting in the office of President Cui, holding the rendering effect map, the upper head is a hill, the cobblestone path extends to the top. It is a pavilion, a stone table, surrounded by some not too tall trees, the rest of the part is verdant … green.

One by one, not looking carefully, it is green and very eye-catching, an idyllic scenery.

President Cui looked at the renderings and said: “Growing vegetables at the back of the mountain?”

This so-called back mountain was actually the excavation of the original campus when they dug down, It caused a small hill, they transplanted some trees on the top, built pavilions and paths, and did not deliberately regulate others.

“Yes.” Cui Qichao calmly said, “Don’t you think it’s a waste to be empty in the back of the mountain? I have learned that in fact most teachers and students walk more like going to the playground.”

President Cui tangled in the tunnel: “What you said is, but as far as I know, many students in the school have a couple who like to go to the mountains to distract themselves, and this is not something I can just decide…”

President Cui was torn: “You are right, however, as far as I know, many students and couples in the school like to go to the mountains to distract themselves, and this is not something I can just decide…”

“They can choose to go somewhere else.” Cui Qichao said coldly, “Uncle, I really want to grow vegetables in the mountains.”

President Cui: “…”

In the face of such a special but extremely sincere request from his beloved nephew, President Cui only hesitated for two seconds and said decisively: “I will get it for you!”

“Thank you, uncle.” Cui Qichao thanked LJJ company at the bottom of his heart since they arranged him a humanoid plug-in. The background was deep enough to make him feel at home.

When it comes to LJJ, Cui Qichao thought about it. The campus romance they asked for was impossible. The airborne school was rampant (the vegetable growing) was soon to be realized.

In this regard, it may be that the entire program that was originally planned as a campus love story, will be announced as destroyed under the gimmick of a canteen.


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