Chapter 6: Sharp Review

After all, C Grand Canteen is a terrible canteen that is famous all over the country. In the past, students will make fun of them. The biggest fun is to lie to the unsuspecting younger students to get them to eat there.

Just like when Meng Chang and his classmates said that they ate delicious food in a canteen, no one believed. In the school forum, the post that discussed the change of a canteen was also treated as a joke.

Everyone is happy to reply, making it seem like a fake recommendation of  #1 canteen dishes, the more people reply causes many people to think that it is really a joke.

But it is also because of the famous cafeteria, about two or three days later, gradually more and more students realized that it was not a prank, these two dishes did not accidentally cause a small sensation in #1 canteen.

Many people reply back to that post.

“I am too naive, the landlord did not lie to me.”

“I am not dreaming, who will wake me up, my roommate gave me some braised potatoes to eat, It made me so hungry, I almost swallowed my tongue together with it!”

“Is the master of a canteen a Witch*??” (T/N: Each of the translations I used had a different word, one was Lieutenant, another was just master of the school, so I looked up the word and got ‘to harm by witchcraft; to poison and bewitch’ so I went with, witch.)

“I think it is a witch, this is not a canteen in my memory!”

” I would move the sky and give tens of thousands of blood books to ask a canteen to not stop! Keep changing! “

“Help, when my roommate ate it tears fell down, can not bear to laugh, because I also want to cry.”

“Don’t mention it, I just sent a message to my graduated school sister. After she decided that it was not a fake, she said that she would come back this weekend and would let me invite her to eat at #1 canteen.”


In such an atmosphere, there is a table in the university city’s newly opened net red restaurant, Zhilin, there sat a student from C university, after confirming that #1 canteen have really improved their dishes, became excited and gave up his number that was about  called immediately on the spot, and went back to the #1 canteen to line up.

Wei Zhilin also has hard-working college students. In the store, when the joke said, “No way, #1 canteen is getting big in our school. It has a long history, hahaha, I want to try it, although I also suspect that everyone usually eats so badly in #1 canteen, and a seventy-seven are turned into ninety. ”

It’s just an abandoned number in the district, they’re not in the eye, they just think it’s funny.

At this time, the waiters in the shop and the diners who are hot and sweaty will not feel that a school canteen can pose any threat.

Probably only C other 4 canteens can feel a little threat. After all, the passionate C University students these days only get the roast potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs in #1 canteen.

However, the capacity of #1 canteen is so great that it is not necessary to go to other canteens. 

The change of #1 canteen caused a small vibration C university. Even President Cui knew it.

Because there are not only students in the discussion, there are many young teachers in C who also eat in the cafeteria. In fact, as long as they taste it, they have to admit that even without any impression points, these two dishes can reach eight or ninety.

Teachers know more than students, such as a canteen owner is really a relative of President Cui, and some people joked with President Cui that they felt saved by Cui.

President Cui knew, but he did not feel that the nephew was interested in cooking, but he does feel that the nephew is indeed relaxed, unlike the former contractor who rushed to make money, while not caring about the quality.

In fact, he is also quite happy, after all, before the canteen dishes were infamous all over the country, he can not say that there is light his face. Anyway, as long as Cui Qichao is happy, he has no opinion on losing money.


“The next one. The braised potatoes are gone.” Li Tingmei’s foreign students said that they only heard a cry of sadness, and the team behind them was still growing.

Someone asked Li Tingmei with a window. “Auntie, can’t you do more braised potatoes? You see that so many people haven’t tasted it yet.”

“Yes, aunt, or improve other dishes.” 

“Unified uniform style, okay.”

Li Tingmei smiled and said: “Fast, we will have improved dishes every other time.”

To be honest, working in #1 canteen for so long, this was Li Tingmei first time hearing the students asking for new food, and looking at the students on the long tables and chairs. The way they eat is much more happy than ever. Of course, only for students who have a normal menu.

As the chef on the first floor, Li Tingmei’s recent workload has increased greatly, and it’s not enough to get the dishes. She wants another worker to go to the window to replace her for a while.

Fortunately, because of everyone’s reaction, Cui always said that he would consider recruiting people. After all, cooking pressure will be even greater.

Some students in the back were playing a few meals to play these two dishes. They were not able to make it because of the red fire. The change of a canteen was shocked by the students who never ate in the cafeteria. The team went to the entrance of the cafeteria.

“It is estimated that there are still some teachers in the window…”

“Others, let’s ask a counselor and ask him to help?”

In fact, this time the teacher window is also very crowded, there are more than those thoughts. Moreover, there are many young teachers that had no family members. They don’t have time to cook, they can’t take meals, and they choose to eat in the cafeteria. Since there is an improvement in #1 canteen, of course, they would choose #1 canteen.

Even these teachers are greeted with the staff, and strongly demand that a few more dishes are served at this level, otherwise they will only have these two dishes, and after a few days, they will be tired of eating them.

Cui Qichao opened the suggestion box, and there was a thick proposal in it, which was very different from the previous one.

He looked at them one by one, and most of them praised the small progress of a canteen, and strongly urged to increase the stock of food. C is so many people. Now, some people still only hear about the legendary super-level braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs. 

It’s so pathetic, these students are still trying to eat these two dishes. There is some pity in Cui Qichao’s eyes. Since the feedback is very good, he decided to take time out and continue to improve two or three other canteen dishes.

There is another thing, that is, his millet pepper growing happy, planted before the beginning of the school, has now grown to forty centimeters, lush, deep roots. Some people who don’t know it see it, almost thinking it’s for the greenery of purpose-grown plants.

Every day, Cui Qichao carefully observes these small rice peppers and makes adjustments in time. Seeing that they want to enter the bud stage, they have to add nutrition to them. This millet pepper can be repeated, and after this wavelength is good, Cui Qichao will choose the preferred species.

If there are agronomic professionals here, you can see that these millet peppers are much better than ordinary colonization, and they are full of spirit.

Cui Qichao’s potted millet pepper is still the result, but in addition to Meng Chang, no one has this luck to eat the millet pepper dish he personally planted.

For the small rice peppers planted outside the canteen, Cui Qichao has his own idea, that is, making them all into chili oil.

The characteristics of a canteen’s dishes are often surprised mixed of hasty cooking, tasteless and boring, or too much oil and salt. Therefore, instead of being used as a side dish, it is better to make chili oil, which is more versatile and stimulates the appetite of students.

Moreover, these chili oils, Cui Qichao, did not intend to put a price on, they will be placed at the window for students to use, and the amount is not large anyway.

Cui Qichao did two experiments with his own millet pepper and some purchased peppers to debug better formulas. The millet he planted is spicy, the degree of spiciness is enough, and it will also bring some aroma, but it is still not enough. Other varieties of peppers are needed to enhance the fragrance.

When Cui Qichao was doing it, Xiaobai was curious to sniff around.

“No.” Cui Qichao bowed his head and told Xiabai “cats can’t eat peppers,” of course, it still means no, the wrong command is more understandable to the cat.

Recently, Xiao Bai’s learning speed has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it seems that he has been opened up. However, obedience is still a bit poor or repeated, sometimes Cui Qichao feels that it understands the command, but from time to time will ignore, as if it is mad.

Xiaobai was still curious to sniff the peppers. He heard that Cui Qichao’s “no”,  but ah, grabbed a mouthful a pepper.

Cui Qichao hurried down and put the white face up, but it was too late. Xiaobai spits out the peppers, his face was full of tears, and the hair was wet.

“… Hey, the master said no, why not listen.” Cui Qichao poured water to Xiaobai to wash his tongue, but fortunately, it has not swallowed, this spicy degree is very strong for humans, let alone cats.

“All right, all right.” Cui Qichao held Xiaobai in his arms and carefully wiped it away with a paper towel. The tone was much softer than usual. In order to establish the majesty of the master, Cui Qichao basically only shows his face when he praises Xiaobai. He is so gentle and his eyes are more vivid as if he has added a bit of affection.

Xiaobai faces up and looked at Cui Qichao. The water flashed in his eyes, his eyes were very wrong. He was stunned a few times, his tongue spits out halfway, his body gradually softened, and his head leaned against Cui Qichao.

Cui Qichao looked at Xiaobai and put it down. “Let’s practice the basic command again.”

Xiaobai lowered his head and was very angry.



“Lie down.”


Xiaobai opened his small white mouth: “T–“

Cui Qichao rewarded a snack to Xiaobai, “Good cat.”

Xiaobai still hesitated for a while, only opened his mouth to eat the snack, very arrogant.

Cui Qichao smiled, “Grow up quickly, grow up so you can go to the canteen to work.” “

Xiao Bai: “…”


The millet peppers in the canteen have been collected. Everyone has witnessed Cui’s personal cooking, the jacket is off, the shirt sleeves are pulled up, or the kitchen looks out of place, and the face is said to be doing experiments.

But when the chili oil is made, they have nothing to say.

After the millet pepper and red pepper are fried, they are kneaded into the chili noodles. They are not too fine, and they are mixed with cooked sesame seeds. When the stir-frying step is made, the pepper has already exuded a unique aroma, which makes people in the canteen stand up. They could not help swallowing.

In addition, prepare spices such as star anise, fennel, and cinnamon, put them in oil, and leave them to leave hot oil.

A large spoonful of hot oil at about 180 degrees in a large bowl of chili noodles, with a sizzle, the hot oil will flush the red rough chili noodles out of a small groove and arouse a series of bubbles.

The reddish peppers are shredded with pale yellow pepper seeds and white sesame seeds, which are wrapped in hot oil and tumbling with the bubbles to create a very strong spicy flavor.

The reason why Cui Qichao used a large bowl was to facilitate the time stirring evenly, look at the spoon in the bowl, the hot oil will be stirred evenly, divided and inch edgy with the hot oil full contact, and then smelling the fragrance, everyone suddenly gave birth to a strong sense of hunger …

The oil temperature slowly descended, the hot air bubbles have disappeared, the amount is just right, the oil is slightly more peppery, and a spoonful of fultake is used, which is also a red oil wrapped in pepper, white sesame seeds floating on the top, the color is attractive.

At this time, Cui Qichao looked up and found that the other people were somehow already close to him.

“Is this the pepper we planted? It’s too sweet…”

“I can smell the next bowl of rice.”

“Cui Zong, your craft is also very good!”

Cui Qichao smiled casually. “Do three more bowls. It will taste better after a few more days. Whenever you put a bowl outside the window of each floor, you can feed yourself.”

Everyone looked and only felt that, at that time, afraid that they wouldn’t be able to take it for dinner.


A few days later, the chili oil appeared in the first window of the first to fourth floors of the canteen. It was packed in a simple porcelain bowl, covered with a lid, and attached to a paper strip.

Several C counselors came to the canteen to cook while looking at the window and complaining, “Why do I feel that I have been 10,000 years away from the last wage, almost penniless, but one There is still half a month to watch the day.”

“I am also, so I filled the money in advance in the meal card. Right, why didn’t Xiaowen come to cook?”

“She and her boyfriend went to eat at Zhilin, and they left early. And we can’t even eat the braised potatoes, all of them are lighted up. How many people are coming to the queue?”

Hey, is there any chili oil there? Look at this one dish, I added some peppers, I imagine I am also eating at Zhilin restaurant. ”

“Well, you can really imagine it!”


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