Chapter 5: The change of a canteen

T/L: This is my first attempt at MTLing a novel, this is the result of two translation, plus the Chinese dictionary. I hope that it makes for an alright read. This is also unedited sorry my apologizes.

Cui Qichao bluntly ate the two dishes in the insulated bucket, and his face suddenly changed. “Wow gross -“

He didn’t know some of the ingredients in the food. He had a preliminary understanding when he eats it, and he also had a sense of identity from the purpose.

This kind of placement is too arrogant and has not considered the compatibility of the ingredients. The seasoning is also quite arbitrary. Although it seems that he is the boss, and has a lot of authority inside, he can’t change the fundamental problem.

The food is unpalatable.

Cui Qichao is naturally close to these plants, he tasted them, understands their characteristics, deeply understands each part of them, and deeply feels sorry for their end.

“No…” Cui Qichao muttered, how could his men have such a terrible dish? And such a difficult dish to eat, there are so many students who have to endure the pain every day. After all, it is the 21st century, these children are too poor!

Cui Qichao looked at his schedule, cut out his daily observation of the existing planted peppers, research on various grains, study agricultural books, and indeed he could set aside some time, to adjust the dishes one by one.

He needs to get a first look at the common ingredients and the cooking methods used here, and then use his instinct to understand the food to find out what works best for them, improving and normalizing the production process.

The big pot canteen dishes do not use complicated techniques. As long as Cui Qichao can count the data that he thinks is the most suitable, it can achieve unified operation, and the taste will not be too far away.

Cui Qichao endured a few mouthfuls, to understand the taste of the dish.

Xiaobai wandered around, staring at Cui’s face, holding his arm with his paws.

“Is Xiaobai hungry?” Cui Qichao remembered that the cat had not eaten yet. He got up and took some beef, and gave him an extra egg. He trained as usual before meals.

The kitten is not old enough, teaching one action a day is enough, teaching too much at a time would make the kitten inevitably confused. At this stage, it is also based on obedience training.

Cui Qichao gestured to the white paw, “Handshake.”

Xiaobai was forced to put his claws on Cui Qichao’s palm. The soft claw pad was not too much honed. It seems that Cui Qichao is a little hard, and the tender claw pad can squeeze out the water*. (T/N: It’s an idiom which I can’t find the meaning of.)

Who would have thought that such a soft kitten will grow up with enough strength and brain power to run a sheep on the grasslands?

Cui Qichao fed it to eat a piece of meat as a reward and taught it several times. Xiaobai realized that handshaking means he can eat meat. Cui Qichao subconsciously commented: “The reaction is a little slow, generally within five times it should be able to learn, is the shepherd cat more silly.”

Xiaobai looked at Cui Qichao with a faint look.

Cui Qichao did not notice that he had smashed the head of Xiaobai. Although he was stupid, he was given to the canteen, and he could not abandon it. He might have the possibility of metamorphosis. Let’s teach new moves tomorrow.


After two days, Cui Qichao learned and prepared the precise recipes of two dishes by taking time to taste the dishes. The ingredients used in the canteen are mostly braised potato pieces and loofah scrambled eggs.

Braised Potato Pieces
Loofah scrambled Eggs

“What do you rely on to make students eat well?” Cui Qichao asked the cooks.

MasterChef: “Well, real ingredients? Responsibility? Love? “

Cui Qichao took out weight scale and an electronic clock, “It’s a precise recipe.”

This is the respect for the planter and food, don’t do it again. With combinations and cooking methods, the ingredients will die.

In the production of Chinese cuisine, “the right amount” is usually a very mysterious standard, and most of the time it relies on the experience of the chef. Cui Qichao is trying to make the best degree of “the right amount” with precision. Otherwise, he can’t personally assume the use of the cooking staff.

The canteen chef can’t rely on his hand sense to get the accurate weight of grams, but the two dishes, have been calculated by Cui Qichao. From the canteen’s large iron pan capacity to the heat, and standardize all the data, from the ingredient chopper, the weight is put together.

This will indeed cost more time than before and even increase labor costs, but Cui Qichao feels that in order to save poor students, it will also save the ingredients, so why not?

As the start date approaches, C University students returned to school.

They all came from home, either bringing home-made dishes, or their living expenses are abundant, but they can go without going to the canteen.

Meng Chang has no choice. His family conditions are average, even a little difficult, his tuition is by scholarship, he usually works to earn living expenses and he even has to send some of it to his sister back home.

“Are you really going to abandon me?” Meng Chang asked his roommates while grumbling.

“You can go with us to eat at Lin Biao’s, because it’s the start of the school season, with a student ID card your meal can be discounted. It’s no big deal that we’ll ask you together.” His roommates indifferently said.

“It’s just like going to sleep next door. People pay more for a single meal.”

“It’s still not.” Meng Chang is not very embarrassed. Usually, everyone is enough to take care of him, and he is not good at taking advantage of it.

Everyone looks at each other, this school first meal, land they are abandoning Meng Chang they feel really embarrassed.

Meng Chang took the lunch box and was ready to go to the cafeteria. When he went out, someone ran to his shoulder. “We talked it over and decided to not go to Lin Biao’s and accompany you to the cafeteria.”

Meng Changyi said, “Don’t, brother, really, I am joking. You are going to eat at Lin Biao’s when you are on holiday.”

“What a joke, Lin Biao’s discount lasts for  two weeks, but the pomegranate fried in a canteen is not every meal!”

“I am going,  hahahahahaha.”

Everyone laughed.

Meng Chang overflowed with warmth and knew that they were accommodating themselves. “I am embarrassed to let you eat a canteen together… However, I wrote a proposal to them two days ago, maybe it will improve. A canteen was changed to a new boss, and last time I did say that he made a delicious dish for me with only leftovers.”

As soon as I talked about this, everyone spoke in a few words.

“You open your eyes to say nonsense, it’s not enough to get old Wang and Lao Li. I heard that they  accompany you from a four-restaurant to a canteen and almost died of poisoning.”

“They’re just rusty, and they believe your gibes. I would rather believe that the sky is falling, I can’t believe that a canteen does not have dark dishes. Dark cuisine is the body of a canteen!”

Meng Chang was particularly wronged because only he ate that fried chicken leg, he was called a liar.

The blame doesn’t fall on him, mainly because so many people have been joking in a canteen and four canteens for so many years.

There are four people in the dormitory, and they go back downstairs to a dining hall.

Although a canteen and four canteens have been competing for the top of the C Big Five Tigers, whoever makes it close to the top still serves a dark dish, but don’t worry about it. The difference is high

Walking to the door, the other four people were happy, “How did this land turn over, what kind of plant?”

“A cafeteria actually grows its own food, they can’t do it well, they should use the time to cook the dishes.”

“Chilli seedlings.” When it comes to peppers, Meng Chang has to drool again. “The rice that I ate that day was filled with millet pepper, which was fragrant and spicy, and it was delicious.”

“Go on, you are not finished yet.”

As soon as they stepped into the canteen, all four people were stunned.

On the first floor window of a canteen, the leftmost window has a very long queue, which is significantly larger than other windows.

“What kind of dish is this?” Everyone looked suspicious and looked at it from the side of the window. It wasn’t the braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs in the two drawers. The ordinary dishes, next to them, are still familiar with the wonderful mix. What fried dough sticks, pomegranate steamed meat and the like.

There was a fellow student in the line. When they saw them, they waved their hands. “My buddy, this is the line. Just now my classmates got these two dishes, I also went, it seems that there is a chef taken from another restaurant, the taste is great.”

Real or fake?

Even Meng Chang has some doubts. These people take a canteen every day to play terrier. This is a good way to lie to new students. How did they not receive the news?

At this time they heard someone asking the staff in the window: “Auntie, how do you two dishes taste different?” 

Auntie smiled and said: “Our boss received a suggestion, to improved the dishes, these are  the first two changes.”

Everyone who hears that only has one thought, In my lifetime, I can see a canteen suddenly wake up?

The suggestion he wrote actually did work. Meng Chang was stunned and stood up with the roommates at the end of the queue.


Although it is just a common dish, almost that can be found in every canteen,  the people in Mengchang’s bedroom are only holding a rice bowl, but they still feel the cherished feeling. After all, there are so many people who have heard the news and they are the last.

They look carefully into their own bowl to see how it differs from before the improvement.

The braised potatoes are not even sandwiched like in the past, but they are stewed with powder. The chopsticks can be poked in the end. The seasoning is colored and the savory sauce is yellow, and the corners are slightly tender. When the soup was poured into the lunch box, the rich soup was slowly filled into the rice, and the rice was infused with finely chopped potatoes.

Before eating potatoes, first take a sip of rice filled with full soup, the smell of powdery scent makes the taste buds instantly wake up, and the mouth is full of vitality, and the potato granules that inadvertently drip out the corners of the mouth are brought back.

The loofah scrambled eggs are not inferior. The cold water washed the loofah still shows fresh green after the pan, and the loofah has been softened into a small beach, and it is mixed with the yellow egg blocks and it deepens the taste.

Don’t need too much seasoning, the loofah is not savory. At the right temperature, the soft melon meat is almost flowing and slips into the egg. After not having to chew it, it enters the stomach and warm stretch, let people want to sigh, with satisfaction.

And Meng Chang did sigh with satisfaction and the food felt so good on the tongue.

“Why is the master’s cooking skills soaring, which is not bad for me, this is something I can get at a restaurant, it might be even better.”

Meng Chang said: “I have already told you that a canteen is really delicious!”

Although this is not as amazing as the one he had eaten that day, it is definitely a twilight dish in his student life. For others, this dish appears in a canteen, which makes people want to cry.


At the same time, a post appeared on the C campus forum.

Title: A new food in a canteen! Come and try it!!

Content: Braised potatoes and loofah scrambled eggs, I am delicious! !

1L: Calling for a canteen, I thought I got a fake.

2L: This dish is also called a new dish? Didn’t exist in the early eight hundred years, are the #4 canteens were excellent. Today, there are squid stewed tomatoes.

3L: No, I ate it in the main canteen today. These two are really good. It seems to be a change of chef. I highly recommend everyone to try it.

4L: It is not a change of chef, it is an improvement of the dishes, and I hope to continue in the future. Come on.

5L: Ja, a canteen will change dishes? The original is good enough.

6L: On behalf of the #4 canteen I do not accept, today I ate at  #4 canteen, fortunately, hit the squid stewed tomatoes, really fragrant, really fragrant!

7L: Wow, the schoolmates are too lucky. When you enter the school, you can change the recipe and go to a cafeteria to eat.


50L: Are you a devil? Come to post to lie to the new students??


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  1. The idiom of squeezing out water just further emphasize that its very tender and young. Like for example, tender green leaves will have more moisture than of odd brown leaves. Or a young person will have more good skin than of the elderly.


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