Chapter 4: Shepherd cat

T/L: This is my first attempt at MTLing a novel, this is the result of two translation, plus the Chinese dictionary. I hope that it makes for an alright read. This is also unedited sorry my apologizes.

After Cui Qichao took office, he examined the cold storage. He was not satisfied with the quality of produce from the supplier, but he was currently helpless, and everything is still fresh.

The procurement of C canteens is divided into large and small, and the bulk is rice noodles. Supplier qualifications need to be confirmed by C, and small orders can be purchased by themselves.

“Right, add one item to the purchase order and buy a batch of seeds.” Cui Qichao said. Some potted plants cannot grow on their own and needed to be purchased. He’s just planted the canteen with peppers, and he has already planned other places.

When he came, he planted a pepper in his pot. The characteristics of the pepper at this time were already quite familiar, so peppers were also planted outside the canteen. However, waiting for him to expand the conquest area step by step, it is necessary to enrich the variety.

Buyer Xiao Cao was confused: “Buy seeds?” Cui, what do we do when we buy seeds? “

“It’s useful. Cui Qichao said, “Little cabbage, spinach, leeks, okra, parsley, cabbage, beans… These first come thirty kilos of seeds. “

Cui Qichao and their understanding of each other are only a few days, Xiao Cao still has some fear of the new boss, did not dare to ask again, only nodded.

Out of the cold storage, Cui Qichao saw a handyman holding a black and white kitten in his hand and glanced at it.

Because he saw so many dishes that were not as good as his own, Cui Qichao looked a little upset. The handyman thought that he was afraid of having an impact on health. He took the initiative to explain: “Cui everything is alright, this is a kitten from a cat in the school it can be used to drive away insects.”  

Cui Qichao’s expression eased and said: “Show me, it’s still small, It can’t work. I used to train cats.”

Although the handyman did not know how to train the cat, he still knew and said: “Yes, this is only two months old. Can you bring it back and raise it first?”

“Yes.” Cui Qichao picked up the kitten and looked it over in his hand. The kitten was mixed with the pedigree of some long-haired cats, half-length hair, especially the long hairs on the sides, the round face, and the eyes were very smart. Perhaps it is the brain supplement of Cui Qichao. He looks at the kitten’s eyes full of humanity as if he is observing himself.

Cui Qichao has raised shepherd cats before. He was very intelligent and very friendly to human beings. He is also able to look after his family and help his master manage other small animals, which was because it had a blend of the sheepdog’s genetic characteristics.

He vaguely remembers that this technology was first created in the 21st and 2nd centuries. This cat is bigger than the same age cat, and so much like to observe human beings. It should also belong to the shepherd cat. With a little training, it can become a good partner of human beings. .

When he returned from renting a place around the school, Cui Qichao had a cat in his hand. He casually gave the kitten the name of “Little White”. He took it home and cut some chicken breasts. The white chicken was cooked and then torn and eaten, while it was eating he thought of the name.

“Little white, sit.” Cui Qichao took a gesture and raised the food.

Xiao Bai looked up at him and was unmoved.

Cui Qichao reached out and pressed the back of Xiaobai, and Xiaobai still did not move.

After so many times, Cui Qichao with some doubts: “Xiaobai, are you really a cat? How could you not learn the command after so many times?”

Even basic obedience training can’t be done. If it is not suitable for the work of cat it’s better to send it back.

“…” Xiao Bai’s eyes flashed a little with imperceptible panic.

“Come again.” Cui Qichao took the food again and issued the command, “Sit.”

He saw Xiaobai slowly lowering his rear end… sitting down, it looked like a little sad.

Cui Qichao was satisfied with feeding it the food. This kitten is still reluctant to eat, it is presumably a picky eater.

Although it is a bit slow, It did learn how to do it, maybe it is a little too young, Cui Qichao touched the kitten’s neck and gave it praise: “Good cat.”

After reaffirming the command of sit several times, Cui Qichao let the kitten eat and drink. Since it is a shepherd cat, it does not need cat litter. After eating it, it can be taken directly to the toilet.

Cui Qichao used a towel to create a rabbit to make a toy for Xiaobai, and he worked hard. He was familiar with the agronomy of this era.

In fact, Cui Qichao did not study agronomy before. Since the blood was awakened, he planted some plants at home, all relying on instinct.

It was not until the virtual plane that came, that the theoretical knowledge, including the vocabulary used to allow the canteen staff to grow peppers, was also learned afterwards. After all, it was necessary to communicate with people and express the concept of their own needs.

Suddenly he felt a slight pain on his finger, Cui Qichao looked down, it was Xiaobai who bit him, but the kitten had no power, the mark did not stay. Cui Qichao turned the little white upside down, severely criticized him.

Xiaobai turned over and fled from Cui Qichao, trying to climb his bed along with the sheets.

Cui Qichao smashed Xiaobai again. “No, pets can’t sleep in the owner’s bed. You can only sleep in the shoe box.”

Xiaobai’s hind legs slammed into the towel with a slap in the air, and the tail was nearly upright.

Cui Qichao laughed and touched the cat’s back twice.


Since that day in the canteen to eat a delicious meal, Meng Chang was surprised by the heavens. Although what he sent to the class group was taken as a lie, everyone went back and checked it out on the official website and was surprised to find that the latest school canteen tender results came out. The other canteen contracting companies have not changed,  only a canteen, has been replaced by a name ”Shen non-food management Co., Ltd. ” unit

Is this the reason why he eats delicious canteen dishes, has the school conscience discovered it? 

Meng Chang used this as evidence, posted it to the class group, and publicized the classmates who were still in school. At dinner, they took two dubious classmates and went to the canteen.

“Orange scrambled eggs, sainted fruit fried beef, or fan stir-fry hot strips” Canteen master Fu looked at them indifferently, during the holiday period, there were not many dishes, and the entrances were more polished.

The three were speechless: “…”

The other two wanted to beat Meng Chang. In the end, where did it change? Isn’t this still the canteen from memory? The staff has not changed, or the familiar cool master, handsome guy, where is the handsome guy?

“I heard that the green peppers in the #4 canteen are still okay tonight, I blame you, now they are definitely gone!”

“You are not human, what kind of joke is this!” 

Meng Chang was attacked and started doubting life. Was it a dream before he was dreaming? Was he hungry to the extreme and was forced to eat the canteen, which created an illusion?

But the taste in memory is obviously spicy and delicious, and the aftertaste is endless…

Meng Chang was abandoned by angry classmates. One person left to eat a meal alone. When he left, he saw a worker who was watering the turned grass. He curiously asked: “What kind of plant?”


Meng Chang thought of the potted pepper in the man’s hand. He couldn’t help but ask: “Why are you growing peppers, I was here yesterday, I also saw a big brother with a potted pepper, and he was very handsome.”

The canteen worker smiled. “You must be talking about general Cui, this pepper is what he gave, and he said that it can be open source and thrifty, later can give students to eat.”

Sure enough,  it was not a dream!

Meng Chang’s heart suddenly gave birth to hope, Cui Qichao, is that the new boss of a canteen? His cooking is so good, wouldn’t he be dissatisfied with the dishes in the current canteen?

His gaze turned to the almost gray canteen suggestion box, thinking that Cui Qichao was quite approachable to help him stir up the dishes, decided to write a comment.


Cui Qichao opened the suggestion box of a canteen and found that there was one lone suggestion.

Since winning the bid, Cui Qichao has not done much work in management. Xiao Cao Cao, he is generally studying agricultural books, and he has the idea of ​​playing other places, what the food is like, he doesn’t care, only occasionally glances at it.

It was nearing the start of school. Under the reminder of President Cui, Cui Qichao thought that the mass foundation was also important, and this opened the suggestion box.

Prior to this, because of the long-term inaction of a canteen, students began to complain strongly at the beginning, and now they have given up hope. In other aspects, a canteen is still a mistake, but it is not a change.

Cui Qichao took out the proposal, saw the top student was almost sobbing blood had written out his dissatisfaction with the usual canteen dishes and was slightly surprised.

It is said that he only gave the student food that had average taste, it has not yet reached the point where the students would react to it with it was the best thing ever.

“Every month, the income is still ok, how can his opinion actually be so big?” Cui Qichao has another impulse to surge up. After all, Yandi passed the grain, but also for the people. Now seeing a group of poor students suffering under these eyes, Cui Qichao suddenly felt pity.

Cui Qichao made a phone call to the kitchen in the office: “Pack a few dishes today, give it to me so I can take it back for dinner.”

He tasted it and saw if there was a way to improve it.

After the call to the kitchen, they responded with a few dishes to Cui Qichao, and they added a dish of dragon fruit stew, fried Oreo and other dishes.

Cui Qichao took the insulated bucket back to the apartment, and Xiaobai saw him, and with little effort, the kitten stood up and pounced on his legs. Cui Qichao opened it up. “No, you can’t pounce on people’s legs.”

The shepherd cat is too warm, although this is to express goodwill, it is impossible to pounce on the legs.

Xiaobai who was shooed away by him laid angrily on the carpet.

“I brought some food back.” Cui Qichao sat on the floor and opened the insulated bucket. He saw Xiaobai wandering over and said: “Cats can’t eat…”

Without finishing his sentence yet, he saw Xiaobai turn away as soon as he opened the insulated bucket lid. “Wow,” he walked away.

Cui Qichao: “…”


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