Chapter 3: King’s Instinct

T/L: This is my first attempt at MTLing a novel, this is the result of two translation, plus the Chinese dictionary. I hope that it makes for an alright read. This is also unedited sorry my apologizes.

Despite the promise of Cui Shushu, some of the work Cui Qichao still has to do on his own, such as registering the company, handling business licenses and other documents, preparing canteen documents, programs, and other information.

As for the employees, Cui Shushu has already reminded him that the former canteen staff is actually contracted with a dispatching company. If he wants to participate in the bidding, he can help him to contact and directly hire the original staff, which will save quite a lot of trouble. 

Cui Qichao is not very familiar with the place, so he naturally agrees.

He is counting his original capital, depending on the classification of the virtual plane and the settings given to him. The account has sufficient funds to guarantee the early operation. When the canteen is up and running, there will be benefits.

C canteens are not operated outside the country, and it is strictly forbidden to collect cash. The meal is paid by the teachers and students to the campus card and will be settled with the school finance department at the end of each month.

Of course, that wasn’t the focus for Cui Qichao, who was looking closely at a canteen floor plan ready to bid.

One canteen is on both sides of the student dormitory, one side adjacent to the road, and the other side is facing the low mountains of the school, the upper end of a small park for students to visit and relax.

The canteen building has five floors, including the basement, which is a kitchen, a refrigerator, various processing rooms, etc. The first, second and fourth floors are restaurants, and there are also kitchens, offices, conference rooms, etc. There are several thousand square meters.

Cui Qichao is barely satisfied with this, and he is more focused on the entire campus of C.

In the place where he lives, it is difficult for people to have such a large space for activities. Therefore, the virtual plane technology has always been called the future direction of human beings. Perhaps the technology is more mature and can enter the homes of ordinary people.

When Cui Qichao looked at it, he felt that the impulse in his body could hardly be stopped. The blood that has been passed down from the ancient emperor has made his king’s anger awaken after he wakes up, and he wants to plant something for it.


LJJ company is indeed serious about Cui Qichao,  they don’t want to arrange the script for Cui Qichao, but secretly set a time after the end of the enrollment, and then arrange or Cui Shushu to help.

– In any case, the sky is always more fashionable.

Who knows that Cui Qichao used this plug-in, but it was contracted by the canteen, and if Lin Lin knew this she would vomit up blood.

With the support behind Cui Shushu, Cui Qichao has no doubt that he won the bid and became the project operator of the C Day Cafeteria. The original equipment and ingredients of a canteen were sold to him by the former owner.

The staff of a canteen showed a faint and confused look when they saw the appearance of Cui Qichao, who held a potted millet pepper. 

The name “Cui” is more sensitive since the principal is the same surname. Every Time they heard about this Cui it was that he was studying abroad. Now that they see him, he looks beautiful, and the suit that fit together are more prominent in the was highlighted this long waist and legs, which makes people have a question: Why would a person like this choose to run the canteen? 

Not only that, but Cui also discussed with the dispatching company, revised the contract, and raised the salary for everyone. Now they are a bit unrealistic.

Not only that, but Cui also discussed with the dispatch company, modify the contract, to improve the pay, everything was feeling a little unrealistic to them.

“Hello everyone, my last name is Cui, Cui Qichao. I’ve just looked at the original rules and they can be used roughly.” Cui Qichao’s introduction to himself is simple enough, not to mention that there is no more, not even the new official’s order, nothing.

He was not familiar with the composition of the staff, did not taste the dishes, did not understand the business situation, but issued a directive for the first time. “I will trouble everyone to pull out the potted plants together, the turf of the outside canteen is also to be destroyed.”

Everyone: “??”

Li Tingmei, the chef on the first-floor window, said what everyone thought: “Cui Zong, why are you doing this?”

Cui Qichao glanced at her and said, “Just as an open source and to be thrifty. I have seen the vegetables in the cold room. I hope that these places will be replaced with peppers.”

The staff in the cafeteria are all concerned. It is not surprising that such Chinese people do not like to plant some onions and garlic peppers. However, this is said by Cui Zong, which is particularly inappropriate. Moreover, Cui Zong is also more high-end than the average person. Even the potted plants must be replaced by peppers… 

The flower pots inside and outside the canteen are actually placed in the school. Every once in a while, the people of the flower company will replace the fresh flowers with new ones.

It includes turf and is part of the greening project. According to common sense, it should not be disposed of by them.

However, if you think about the relationship between Cui and President Cui, this piece of the canteen, probably has nothing to do with it.

In order to show off in front of the new boss, everyone was only momentarily confused in their hearts, they immediately acted, peeled the seeds and peeled the seeds, dried and dried, and pulled out the potted plants and transplanted them away.

Cui Qichao pointed aside and felt a sense of satisfaction in his heart. For the whole process of planting, he seems to have the inherent sensitivity, and each joint’s time calculation has its own concept, even in terms of techniques.

Some chili seeds were also dried before the canteen, and now they can be used immediately. Cui Qichao stopped when they wanted to plant. “The soil moisture is not enough, first watering, the relative water content is at least 70%, and the depth is 50 cm. After the ridge is planted, the single line is fixed, the line spacing is … 77.5 cm.”

The canteen workers were dumbfounded.

Some of them grew up in the countryside, and they also had land in their own homes. They thought that Cui was the leader of this group, would just command and direct them to do things. They didn’t expect him to do so much research about growing vegetables? They did not expect this amount of detail to know 37.5 cm!

The data may not be accurate they don’t know, but it’s generally the case that peppers like moist soil.

At the request of Cui Qichao, everyone used almost the line spacing of the ruler.

“Hey… This, that, what is this? Do you have anything to eat? “

Cui Qichao heard the sound, talking is a student wearing glasses, holding a campus card in his hand, a blank look on his face. This point has actually passed the supply time of ten minutes. During the holiday period, there were fewer teachers and students. The whole restaurant also looked at the busy masters with a student.

“His classmates.” Cui Qichao borrowed a canteen to farm, but he still remembers that the main task of the canteen is to entertain the C master’s diet. He took a look at the student. “Now it has passed the canteen’s business hours.”

“Ah yes…” Meng Chang awkwardly said, “Teacher, I read late, just want to see if there are any leftovers.” 

Cui Qichao gave him a strange look. “I am not a teacher.”

Meng Chang is even more embarrassed, Cui Qichao, this suit is also a thief with an imposing appearance. After a long time on campus, his first impression feels like a teacher. If he wasn’t so young, he would call him a professor. “Sorry, I thought you were the teacher of our school. ”

“I am a canteen worker.” Cui Xichao said lightly.

“…” Meng Chang thought, a canteen worker? What does it mean has #1 canteen used the means of finding a model in order to compete with #4 canteen to recruit students?

At this time, the staff in the cafeteria were busy, Qichao said: “You wait, I will see if there is anything left to eat, and heat up a pot for you.”

Meng Chang reveals a smile so that he would not cry. “Yes.”

Now he has been very sure that this handsome guy is a canteen person – only one canteen has the quality of this kind of leftover ingredients!


Cui Qichao usually out of interest occasionally gives up using the kitchen’s cooking machine to cook his own food, but he doesn’t know everything about the food here. The kitchen utensils were familiar with cooking these days.

These leftovers have been disposed of, with a few fried chicken legs left, and a little vegetarian fried white.

Cui Qichao looked thoughtfully at the leftovers for a while. Since the blood was awakened, his sensitivity to food has also increased. The precise calculations are not only on the planting scale but also in the taste.

The taste is also an extremely important criterion in the improved cultivation of generations.

He tasted fried chicken legs and vegetarian fried white rice and was certain what to do. The fried rind of the chicken leg was removed then cut into diced pieces. Some of the original fried scallions were actually raw, and only about seven of them were ripened, and the oil was also very much. Seeing that there was no defect in Cui Qichao’s eyes.

Cui Qichao heated the oil. After the onion ginger was scented, the chicken legs and the whites were poured into the pot. Another potted millet pepper was picked and chopped and sprinkled.

With Cui Qichao’s subtle perception and control of the ingredients, after the pot is put on the plate, the bottom of the plate is lightly filled with oil, tightly next to the edge of the food, and the outer bottom is still white. Stir-fried into a yellow-colored chicken, white with yellowish white, bright red millet, and green onion, turmeric, make a simple home cooking look bright, no greasy cooking, but refreshing.

This kind of refreshing dish comes from the exquisite control. The chicken in this dish is white, and the oil, ingredients, and heat are all in the right time. This kind of control is different from the feel of a normal old chef who cooks all the year round. Cui Qichao relies on his own understanding, calculation, and taste of ingredients. For this kind of ordinary canteen dish, Cui Qichao’s slightly monotonous cooking skills are also sufficient and even suitable.

Cui Qichao made another bowl of rice – and at the same time, he looked at the bowl of rice with deep contempt and put it on the tray together and went out to the classmate.


Due to the sitting position, Meng Chang smelled a fascinating aroma before seeing the dishes. Just by the smell alone, you will know that this dish is very good.

Generally speaking, the food in the canteen is divided into frivolous or weird, and occasionally it can appear normal. This kind of scent that achieves “attractiveness” makes Meng Chang a bit skeptical about his smell.

Cui Qichao put down the food. “Can you eat spicy food? I added some chili flavor. “

It is no wonder that this scent is a bit sultry. Meng Chang’s saliva is secreted in a large amount, nodding in an unconscious manner, picking up a few chicken legs with chopsticks.

The original chicken oil with less salt and less salt is not colored, and after being returned to the pot, it is colored by the soy sauce into a slightly defocused yellow color. The ingredients are scented with aroma, and the right flavor of the millet is as good as a finishing touch.

At the entrance of a chopsticks dish, Meng Chang’s hunger broke out with appetite. 

He took another piece of scallion, which was cut into small pieces and smashed twice. There is also the sweetness of the vegetables, and the fusion together just neutralizes the greasy feeling.

“Oh…” After a few mouthfuls of chewing, the spicy taste of the millet broke out. Although it was not much, it was more than enough to make it seem spicy, but it was enough for Mengchang, a southerner.

The taste of this millet is not the same as that he has tasted before. It is more than ordinary millet. It is also a fragrance that is not available. How to say it, the best way to describe it is that, this is the spicy taste of the soul. !

However, the more spicy, the more you want to eat, the spicy taste is stimulated by Meng Changkou, which secretes a lot of saliva, the cheeks are hot, the forehead is sweating, and you breathe a few mouthfuls, but you don’t want this taste, you can only lick your mouth and feel it is not very good. The leftovers eased.

When Meng Chang ate a half bowl and looked up again, he found that the handsome guy didn’t know where to go. He probably went to the ground with other people. After all, he said he was a canteen… and so on.

At this time Meng Chang suddenly woke up, a canteen person? By the way, this dish is a canteen!

Meng Chang almost took a photo of the remaining half dish and sent it to the class group: “Students, I am in a cafeteria, and a handsome buddy gave me a stir-fry dish. It’s delicious.”

There are a few more queues to reply in an instant.





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