Chapter 2: Huaxia’s ninth largest cuisine

T/L: This is my first attempt at MTLing a novel, this is the result of two translation, plus the Chinese dictionary. I hope that it makes for an alright read. This is also unedited sorry my apologizes.

With that bold shout, once again, having the feeling of being back on solid ground, the white light in front of the darkness reveals that Cui Qichao feels that he is back to control the body again.

He opened his eyes to a popular style apartment in a certain period of the 21st century. The decoration of black and white ash is simple, but it has a texture. From the perspective of home furnishings, it is already a high standard of living in this era.

For different virtual planes and different candidates, LJJ will, of course, have different settings. Although there are also considerations for Cui Qichao for the first time, however, if Cui Qichao doesn’t carry out the campus assignment, but an inspirational life instead, that would be a different picture.

From signing the contract to the present, it was only a short time, but Cui Qichao had an idea after reading the information. He did not hesitate, first turned around in the room, took out the electrical manual and read it again.

After a brief adjustment, Cui Qichao got up and walked to the window, fiddled with the flowerpot with fake daisies on the window sill, picked up the communication tool phone of this era, found the “uncle” in the address book, and dialed the number.

“Hey, uncle, I am Cui Qichao.”

On the other end of the telephone, Mr. Cui was extremely friendly. “It’s a habit. I’m just saying that when you return home, you come to the house to gather. I didn’t expect you to call your uncle first. Well, have you discussed where to develop with your dad? “

Cui Qichao pulled the fake flowers out unhurriedly. Although the flowers were fake, the soil was true, but the soil was normal and the water was not enough. He said: “Uncle, I intend to stay in the domestic school for a while.”

President Cui snorted, but out of trust in Xunzi, he quickly said: “Oh, then call me, do you want to enter C? The enrollment is over, but you can use special channels.”

Cui Qichao put the fake flowers aside and took the peppers from the kitchen and picked a big cut: “Uncle, I am not going to study.”

President Cui turned to read the message: “Is it to teach? This is not impossible, but I don’t quite understand…”

Cui Qichao interrupted him and calmly said: “Uncle, I heard that several dining halls in C will have to be bid on again?”

His hand kept picking out the hard chili seeds and drying them in the sun.

Compared with the leisure of Cui Qichao, President Cui fell into a strange silence, and even made a somewhat silly voice: “Huh?” 


C is the largest in the university town of Nanhai City, and the campus canteen is the largest, with up to five. But from one canteen to the fifth canteen, nothing is more of a nightmare for C’s college students. Because of how terrible the C-canteens are, it is also ranked first as terrible at Nanhai City University.

No, since last year, when someone put C canteen recipes on the Internet, the school netizens have sighed that this range has been upgraded to the national, provincial level, with the worst ninth largest canteen in China.

For example, at this moment, Meng Chang, who is an important person in C, is at a fork in the road and is hesitating.

Passing students patted him on the shoulder, “What are you doing here?” 

Meng Chang showed a miserable smile, “Left, a canteen; to the right, four canteens. How to choose?”

The classmates sighed at the corner of their mouths and said sadly: “Is there a difference?”

Even within the canteens of C, there is fierce competition. From time to time, they introduce dishes with innovative thinking. Canteen 1 and canteen 4 are the two most competitive canteens.

At the end, who is the representative of the C canteen, has always been one of the topics that C University has been arguing over.

Meng Chang: “Look at the school forum. Some people said that a canteen had a new dish yesterday, spicy fried melon, and there is a gossip that the four canteens today launched the dragon fruit stew.”

Classmate: “…”

Meng Chang: “…”

The two fell into a long silence.

Classmate: “Get started soon, and the cafeteria seems to be re-tendering?”

Meng Chang bowed his head: “Don’t hold hopeless hopes. The background of these canteens is very hard. It is so easy to change. Besides, what if you change it even worse?”

Can there be a more aggressive canteen than the C Big Five? The two men’s thoughts once again fell into a sad silence.

After a while, Meng Changcai came out of his thoughts and asked: “Where are you going?” Aren’t you going to eat in the canteen? “

The classmate showed off a smile because they could escape. “I almost forgot to tell you that I have an excuse, I was just struck in the fear over going to the canteen, but I don’t have to die. My brother came to see me and will take me to the newly-opened net red restaurant Weizhilin branch to eat.”

Weizhilin is famous for its spicy taste in Sichuan and Chongqing. It has been popular in various places recently. Internet marketing has also become popular. Now it has finally opened its branch to the most densely populated university town in Nanhai. Even if there is still a period of time to start school, the traffic here is also very impressive, not to mention the public coming over. People have to queue up for two or three hours in advance.

This comparison, Meng Chang, who had no money to spend, almost fell into tears. “You…”

“Take care, I’ll pack something for you for dinner, if I have any left, I give it to you to eat!” The classmate said and ran away.


Cui Qichao neatly wore a dark three-piece suit. In his arms, he was holding seedlings with a height of ten centimeters. As President Cui’s car circled the C campus for a week, his eyes were always on the green grass of the campus, almost ignoring the worried eyes of President Cui.

A lot of open space, he really wanted to have them…

Then have them all full.

“Qichao…” Cui’s brow was locked and worried. “Do you really want to participate in the canteen bidding? I don’t understand. Are you too stressed when studying abroad?”

The strangeness of President Cui’s tone reached a peak when the four words of the canteen estimate were read out, and in any case, it could not be associated with his nephew.

Cui Qichao replied with a “hmm”, no, no, and “Let’s relax.”

Principal Cui’s brow gradually loosened and glanced at Qichao’s potted plant. “Then you can do what you want without my influence. I won’t say anything. In the end the body is the most important. Uncle is not afraid that you are not working hard. I am afraid that you won’t have a healthy body.”

He can be sure that he saw ambition in the eyes of Cui Qichao just now – although he did not know what it originated from.

“Thank you, uncle, what about the estimate?” Cui Qichao looked at him.

President Cui did not hesitate to say: “You just have to go to see if the accommodation is not suitable in the afternoon.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Cui Qichao showed a smile, and the real body is generally the same, but now there are no dark circles, he looked more beautiful, the oriental ink-like eyebrows bent, like a spring willow.

It is said that LJJ has referenced a large amount of real data when setting up virtual planes, including a real-life database that has been purchased with huge sums of money. In the face of the true concern of President Cui, Cui Qichao has doubted this point.

“I your nephew, thank you.” 

“President Cui asked, ” “Yes, what kind of flower do you raise?”

Cui Qichao: “Chili.”

President Cui: “Ah?”

Cui Qichao looked carefully again. “Solanaceae plant, commonly known as millet pepper.”

President Cui: “??”


LJJ Corporation

Lin Lin looked at the subordinates in front of her eyes in a dull manner. “What do you say, say it again?”

The subordinates quickly said: “Mr. Cui did not work as a teacher and did not work as a student. He participated in the bidding for the dining hall of C University.”

Lin Lin suddenly stood up. “Have he already understood the basic situation? We are campus classification, not food. – No, even if it is a food show, which can be used as a starting point!”

Everyone watching campus programs depends on campus life. Whether it is taboo teachers and students, or innocent and interesting students, the cafeteria should be just one of the unimportant scenes.

Besides, the food program, from private kitchens, home cooking, luxury banquets, and even survival in the wild, is a promising future. What is the canteen?

Even if Cui Qichao will find someone to fall in love next time, this force has been greatly reduced. If such a program is placed on the campus channel, will it be complained by the audience?

Isn’t it… can you not play like this?!

The subordinate bowed: “But his lawyer has also confirmed that this does not violate the contract, he did enter the campus, and we can not interfere on it.”

Lin Lin almost suffocated, “I also want to say whether it is suspected of contract fraud!” Isn’t he awakening the special high-end three emperors and five emperors bloodline? “

Subordinates: “Oh, according to the file, it is said that Mr. Cui is awakened by the blood of Yandi Shennong, but at least the current production is only planting consciousness.”

Lin Lin: “………”

Subordinates: “His lawyer said that now the population explosion, the per capita land area is too small, but the virtual plane has become the best choice for venting planting desire. Boss, the virtual plane cost is so high, the suspension is not worthwhile, we have signed such a long appointment, will you lose money…”

Lin Lin: “……………”


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  1. I don’t get what they mean at the end? Is he only awaken the plant memory of an emperor??? But anyway, i bet he going to have the best food at the canteen.

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    1. I think what it means is that the bloodline that he awakened was of a deity who was related to farming, therefore awakening the bloodline only makes his desire to farm even more intense.

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