Chapter 1: Sign Up

T/L: This is my first attempt at MTLing a novel, this is the result of two translation, plus the Chinese dictionary. I hope that it makes for an alright read. This is also unedited sorry my apologizes.

In today’s highly developed science and technology, new human beings believe that they are no different from God. Under them, countless virtual planes can be created to simulate the universe and parallel universe data to a high degree of simulation.

This is the cave of the immortal, the creation of God.

The Xinhuaxia people adhere to the magical tradition, apply this cutting-edge technology to the spiritual enjoyment, selecting different people to enter each plane, performing a long reality show, and then edit it for the new humans who are bored.

The entertainment is very popular, and the producers are digging around for those who have different talents. After signing the contract, they are classified into virtual planes.

Today, Lin Lin, the director of LJJ, is going to find someone who she thinks has great potential to negotiate the signing.

This person is called Cui Qichao. He is twenty-six years old. As far as Lin Lin is concerned, he has the extremely rare blood of an ancient Chinese emperor, and will soon or may have already begun to enter the genetic recovery period.

Such a talented person can not only become an excellent starring performer but can also be extremely versatile.

With the blood of the emperor, one can enter the world in the men’s frequency, or they can retreat in the female frequency. 

Based on past cases, reality shows that can only be described as excellent gene-generating are highly visible and generate a lot of money for them, what’s more, it’s a rare ancient emperor’s bloodline.

Although she didn’t know which emperor, but according to some of the information that has been found from the Genetics Bureau, it is definitely the highest level of the emperors, It could be possible that it could be among the three emperors!

Lin Lin came to the door of Cui Qichao with the idea of ​​signing a successful contract. She saw a young man sitting in the little garden at the door, It was exactly the same as the information displayed. There is no such thing as any photo-taking technology that can’t be fully demonstrated.

His appearance is an extremely pure, eastern beauty, similar to classical ink, it is no wonder that the blood could be awakened, but under his dark and beautiful eyes, there are thick dark circles, it seems that he hadn’t had any rest for a while.

This detail made Lin Lin more confident. She introduced herself: “Mr. Cui? I am Lin Lin of LJJ. I have contacted you before, and I have waited for a long time.”

“Hello.” Cui Qichao blinked tiredly and opened the garden fence. “No, the weather is good, I will stay here for a while.”

Lin Lin smiled and said: “Then we will talk here, the sunshine is very good.”

Cui Qichao originally planned to put tea on the table. He made a cup of tea for Lin Lin and said: “I have learned about your project, but I have no talent for acting.”

“No, no, not acting.” Lin Lin has signed the contract so many times, and she knows all the possible problems he might have in mind.  “As the audience’s needs change, we will no longer dictate scripts and outlines, which will test the actors’ own qualities, ” she said.

Cui Qichao touched the chin, thinking: “You mean to let me play?”

“It should be said that the audience wants to see free play. Mr. Cui, I know your concern is that this job is likely to be in a difficult environment, but you will be rewarded very well. I think Mr. Cui’s spirit is not very good. It must be that the talent is awakening. For you, under the current social system, you need a broader world to show your talents!” Lin Lin said.

“What the emperor should do, isn’t it the competition for the world?” She believes that she is very convincing.

The sentence spoke to something in Cui’s heart, he had been plagued by a blood-resuscitation lately. This place is not enough. Maybe the “big show” in the virtual plane can be improved?

Lin Lin sees that Cui Qichao’s is interested and continues on. “We attach great importance to you Mr. Cui and have already planned it. The first world we can start from is the 21st century, where technology is not so backward, to a period of campus life, this is a buffer for you to adapt to the next work. The virtual time is four years.”

Just relying on this face of Cui Qichao, the first world, she decided on behalf of thousands of female audiences, went to the female frequency!

The time of the virtual plane compared to the real world flow rate is fifty to one, which means it will only take one month. In fact, adjustments can be made again. This is only because of national regulations, so as to observe and ensure the mental health of our employees.

Cui Qichao bowed his head and meditated for a long while, and finally made up his mind: “Yes. I will sign with you now.”

Lin Lin felt ecstasy in her heart, “Mr. Cui, please.”

Cui Qichao only went into the house and simply packed up the essential items of his life, and left with Lin Lin.

 After the door was closed by Cui Qichao, there was a very strange scene.

From window sills, desks, bookshelves to sofas, almost every space is filled with containers. No matter the K9 type rice in the large pottery basin, the wheatgrass in the shallow dish, the miniature peony orchid in the hanging pot… even the plants with extremely difficult planting conditions, are clustered with hydroponics, soil cultivation, and some have already produced full fruit.

These native environments are planted in the space of human beings, which makes the world different from the dwellings. It is more like a greenhouse. The strong contrast and magical harmony make this kind of vitality a bit strange.

Cui Qichao saw all the terms of the contract at LJJ and sent it to his lawyer. Other content that he cares about, such as in technology, has been able to achieve automatic grading, that is, the virtual world will be fully automatic recording, and the naked and unexposed pictures that have not been confirmed by the star will be intelligently coded during recording. Considering privacy leaks.

Cui Qichao once again confirmed to Lin Lin: “You will not interfere with my behavior?”

Lin Lin fiercely nodded. “We will only give advice. Especially in the later period, after the feedback from the audience, but everything else is up to you. Of course, you must consider the playback rate, revenue, in addition, the general direction of confirmation does not belong to the scope of interference, such as our campus theme, of course, you have to enter school life, rather than to go into business, tourism and the like. “

Cui Qichao nodded thoughtfully. “So… please wait a moment, I will talk to the lawyer.”

Lin Lin sat in the same place. When Cui Qichao communicated with the lawyer, she also thought about it. Cui Qichao asked this question, is he hoping to have a great degree of autonomy?

In fact, when she encounters a lot of broadcasts, she will ask for the company’s plan because she has no idea. However, since Cui Qichao awakened the blood of the emperor, it is of course not the same as the ordinary people.

Seeing this trait in Cui Qichao, Lin Lin is getting more and more excited. She can almost see the future broadcast rate rise, advertisement opportunities at every corner, She has thought about the types of advertising that would be suitable for Cui Qichao Channel, maybe high-end menswear, jewelry…

A few days later, Lin Lin would like to go back in time and draw on her own face, but at this moment, she is completely caught in the fantasy.

Until Cui Qichao came back, nodding at her saying “I can sign.”

The two sides communicated correctly, signed, and the contract took effect immediately.

Lin Lin and Cui Qichao shook hands. “Happy cooperation, Mr. Cui, when do you want to enter the virtual world? You have about five days of preparation time.”

“I don’t need five days, I can do it today.” Cui Qichao presses on, the impulse was brought on by the blood, “Please arrange it for me as soon as possible.”

I’m so happy to see you have such a passion for work.” Lin Lin blinked at him. “Please come, I will read the background information for you. We have already prepared to stop because we have to give you some choices, the physical condition will not be that different, the age will be close to your actual age, the age will be set at twenty-four years old. After all, the campus story can also have many development directions, this is a university campus, you can also be a teacher or a student. In that plane, your ‘uncle’ is the principal, and everything has room for negotiation.”

This is actually a kind of preferential treatment of the company, giving him a relatively high starting point and background. The audience in this era did not have much patience.

Cui Qichao smiled when he heard ” room for negotiation”. Although he did not rest for a long time because of exhaustion, the smile made the exhaustion bring a different kind of morbid beauty, and Lin Lin saw god.

She has a strong hunch, the program is going to be red. (T/L: I assume that mean great or in slang ‘fire’.)

Lin Lin brought Cui Qichao to the studio. The staff connected the instrument to Cui Qichao. One of them asked, “Does Mr. Cui have experience in sky sports such as skydiving or bungee jumping?”

Cui Qichao stunned. “Yes, why?”

Lin Lin supported the instrument: “At the time of the transfer, there will be a strong sense of weightlessness. Many of the stars were not able to stand it. They would vomit in the past. In fact, the laboratory has been trying to solve this problem, but there is no feasible way yet. Since Mr. Cui has experience in air sports, it should be alright.”

Moreover, according to what she thought, those who awakened the blood of the emperor could not be afraid of weightlessness.

As she thought, Cui Qichao didn’t care about it. “It’s all right, let’s get started.”

“Position transfer preparation.”




Suddenly, a strong sense of weightlessness appeared, and the experience of transfer is like falling from a high altitude.

Cui Qichao quickly shouted: “Geronimo -!”

By the time he landed, it was already a different world.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Sign Up

  1. I have seen ‘red’ used because Chinese notes are red. I think? Like American ‘green’.
    I’m Australian though, so we’d be ‘pink, blue, red, yellow/brown & green’ if we described money as the note colour.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. in cantonese, going to be red, means going to be famous/popular. They refer to really popular celebrities as really red celebrities.


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